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Putin apparently learned nothing from Russia’s 9.5 year war in Afghanistan.  During that fiasco, 15,000 Russians were killed and 35,000 were wounded.  The same country that bested Germany in WWII was defeated by the Mujahjideen armed with American supplied surface-to-air missiles. The battered and worn Russian war machine withdrew its forces from Afghanistan.  America said, “Hold our beer,”  while marching merrily to war singing, “The Yanks are coming-the Yanks are coming!” Unfortunately, America ignored the huge sign at the border with flashing red lights that warned:


That didn’t end well for us either.

In 2022, President Putin dreamed of reuniting Russia into one big happy family but got tired of waiting for abused exes to love him again.  Putin invaded the Ukraine to force them to either love Russia or to die horribly; the choice was theirs.

Russian rockets, bombs, missiles and tanks are now killing innocent men, women and children in the Ukraine who just happened to be in the way and couldn’t afford the cost of a train ticket out.  The suffering of innocents was just considered collateral damage.  Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said that the city had not suffered such an ordeal since 1941 “when it was attacked by Nazi Germany.” Pictures are worth a thousand words and thousands of pictures (seen by the world) are documenting the horrific devastation of Putin’s unprovoked invasion.

I always admired the Russians who defeated Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa (June 22, 1941).  The Germans threw 138 divisions plus 36 of their allies and 8 Hungarian brigades against the Russian defenders.  The odds against a Russian victory were staggering.  The Russians didn’t know they were supposed to lose and fought fanatically to defend the Motherland.  The German Wehrmacht suffered over a million casualties and eventually they retreated all the way back to what was left of Germany.

Russia impressed the world and was appropriately “lionized for its heroic role in WWII.”

Putin’s horrific invasion of the Ukraine in 2022, which terrified the residents and shocked the world was not heroic.  The words ugly, repulsive and evil come to mind.  The world is appalled watching Putin randomly and wantonly killing innocent civilians, destroying beautiful cities and possibly starting WWIII.

Putin is now acting like a bully and everyone hates a bully.  Hitler was a brutal, evil bully and look how that turned out.  Sun Tzu, a revered Chinese military strategist and general, once said, “The wise warrior avoids the battle.” Putin was wise during the Trump administration and avoided attacking anyone.  He knew that Trump “tweeted loudly and carried a big stick.” But that was then and this is now.  Elections have consequences and President Lite Biden lacks the courage to even answer questions from the press.  Biden barely speaks without using a teleprompter and carries a big ice cream cone.  Putin knows that Biden is a feeble, inept, puppet, controlled by others and condemned to blindly follow the instructions of the mysterious wizard behind the curtain. Putin laughed at Biden’s sanctions, cried havoc and let slip his tanks and armored divisions against a peaceful nation.

The Russians are a proud people who have survived tough times.  Now they are faced with more casualties from another senseless war.  Body bags will soon journey homeward from the battlefield.  Lost sons, daughters and husbands will be mourned.  Old wounds from  Afghanistan will be remembered anew.  Soon, Putin will be hated by his own people and despised by the entire world.

Enough Russian and Ukrainian blood has already been spilled in this invasion. “Vlad, where lies the honor and valor in killing innocent people who only want to live a peaceful life?”  Russia was once living a peaceful life until Adolf Hitler attacked and killed innocent women and children.  Ringing any bells Vlad?  End this aggression now Vlad or people will start to believe that you have gone mad and need a permanent vacation in beautiful, sunny, Siberia.”

Meanwhile, back in the USA, President Biden is all over this dire situation like flies on a rib-roast.  On Sunday, February 13, “Joe Biden assured Ukrainian leader Zelensky that the US and allies would respond “swiftly and decisively” if Russia invaded the Ukraine.”  Russia invaded the Ukraine and Joe  “swiftly and decisively” advised Zelensky to “Run away, run away.” Zelensky heroically responded, “I need ammunition not a ride!”  Biden, who abandoned 84 billion dollars of our military weapons in Afghanistan, found the armory bare and fled DC.  Joe is now resting comfortably in Delaware.  Going toe-to-toe with Putin was exhausting and poor Joe needs an ice cream cone and a nap.

Elections have consequences!

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