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Welcome to Day 402 of the Harris* occupation! You know that a number of Democrats at the state and national levels are looking at what Justin Castreau is doing up north and are weeping with envy. Lots to post this week, so let’s get to it!

2/17 – Mayor Eric Adams calls out NYC workers to return to offices

And then Adams blames his problems on… racism. Sorry New York City, but replacing malevolent with stupid is not an updgrade.

2/18 – Finland’s Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen on trial for tweeting Bible verse

Pay attention – you know that our Radical Left is studying these overseas projects and taking notes.

2/18 – The Right Is Exploiting People’s Fears With Surgical Precision

Normally I don’t give a click to the Leftist rag known as The Nation, but this article is too damned funny to not share. Quick recap: “Our policies are awesome, but we agree that the results are hot garbage. So we need to double down!”


For all that American “journalists” bray about their PTSD from the Trump presidency, those cowards won’t utter a peep about real violence against one of their own (see: Andy Ngo)

2/19 – Mask Fallout: CDC Lowers Childhood Speech Standards

This is the same disgusting issue with scholastic standards: When our policies fail, we lower expectations. Who gives a damn about the kids, anyway?

2/19 – Ph.D. Candidate at UPenn Says Freedom is a ‘Key Component of White Supremacy’

Um, if we take this idea to its logical conclusion, does that mean that non-white people are all tyrants?

2/20 – Are Helmet Laws Racist?

I don’t care either way about forcing kids to wear bike helmets, but if Leftist stupidity means more freedom I can live with it.

2/20 – Bill Gates Asserts That ‘Wearing Masks Are Like Wearing Pants’

With all due respect Mr. Gates, stigmatizing those of us who prefer to roll without pants shall not help your cause.

2/21 – Israel Rated More Democratic Than the U.S., Spain, Italy, and South Africa – Amnesty Int’l Hardest Hit

If right now you’re saying, “This looks like one of Brother Bob’s links that make the cut for no other reason than having a cool title” you would be correct.

2/22 – Climate Cult Groups Spending Millions To Get Friendly Press

And members of the profession formerly known as journalism wonder why we Normals distrust and can’t stand them.

2/23 – NY Mag Columnist: Parents Are ‘Household Tyrants,’ GOP Imposing Conservative Agenda On Students

I love stories like this. Yes, please continue to demonize parents, Democrats – this is a winning issue for you!

2/24 – Whose Fault Are High Gas Prices?

Good post that goes beyond the simple and obvious of increasing our supply

2/25 – Forget Crack Pipes, a CDC Provider is Promoting ‘Safe’ Fentanyl Use

Masking 2-year-olds and handing out needles to addicts is the new public health.

ICYMI – I asked the question –  Is Scholastic Press Creating a Generation of Illiterate White Boys?

No TWIRL next week, as the Bob Family takes some time off for some much needed R&R. But I will have a fun post for you next weekend, where I’ll be speculating as to what happened to Howard Stern. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here in two weeks!

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