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Welcome back to Day 381 of the Let’s Go Brnadon* occupation! Straight to the crazy:

1/26 – Delegate Nick Freitas Takes House Democrats to Task on Racism: “Not This Time”

Again, we open with Virginia politics as my state has become the front line. I’ve met Nick and he seems like a pretty good guy. We need more speeches like this from our side, and I agree with the comment that suggested that Nick could have been more forceful.

1/27 – The Coronazis: a superior race of the vaccinated

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good dose of ridicule from The People’s Cube.

1/28 – Capitol Police’s Warrantless Spying On Congressional Staff And Visitors Must End

Just like with my top question regarding 1/6 and the police removing the baracades and opening the doors: Who gave the orders to start this?

1/29 – Unmasked Students Face Immediate Suspension From Loudoun County Public Schools

The important part is that the boys who want to wear dresses while they rape their classmates in the girls’ bathrooms remain masked at all times. Unmasked rapes will face disciplinary action.

1/29 – What George Soros has inflicted on America

The Radical Left’s favorite Nazi collaborator is hurting their neighborhoods. Maybe not the wealthiest, but their voter base is getting hit hard.

1/30 – The Social Cost Of Not Having Access To Fossil Fuels

Spoiler, it’s racism. For real. But you can take a guess who the real racists are.

1/31 – The First Black Woman Supreme Court Justice

Once again, racism in America is exposed. Take a guess  as to who the guilty party is

2/1 – ‘Climate Change’ Is Keeping Consumer Prices High Or Something

Isn’t it odd how the rampant inflation, unemployment, sacrcity is always the fault of corporate greed, selfish Americans, etc. that always disappears when there’s a Republican in the White House? We know it can’t be the policies of each party…

2/2 – L.A. County Supervisor Calls For End To ‘Blanket’ Mask Mandate After Newsom Went Maskless At NFL Game

As the Libertarian-leaning Democrat Karlyn Borysenko points out, for Leftists their hypocrisy is a display of their power over you and your inability to do anything about it. While they will make smirking “apologies” and give mealy mouthed excuses, deep down they enjoy every minute of lording the privelige they hold over the peasants.

2/3 – I wouldn’t exactly call Biden’s oil and gas policies treason.

The American Thinker’s Jame Mullin lays out a great case. What’s that phrase our Lefty pals like to use? We’re not suggesting anything or making accusations. We’re only looking to have a conversation.

2/4 – Video: What They Aren’t Telling You About N95 Masks

By my reckoning, we’re @ two weeks from thsi being labeled “misinformation” and a year from being “accepted science” by The Radical Left

Have a great weekend!

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