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democrats are beating the drums for war with Russia. Adam Schiff declares that Russia is an ‘imminent and real threat’ to invade Ukraine. He says the evidence is in plain sight- you know, just like Russian collusion. Alexander Vindman, the wannabe Ukraine Defense Minister, says “I think we’re basically just on the cusp of war” and that “there’s going to be a large European war on the order of magnitude of World War II.” The White House is urging Americans to leave Ukraine now.

Others are not so certain.

Ukrainian President Zelensky says Americans are safer off in Kyiv than they would be in Los Angeles. Biden said he wouldn’t mind a “minor incursion.”

Probably true.

What is it that Putin wants? He wants a guarantee that Ukraine won’t enter NATO plus:

They include a demand that Nato remove any troops or weapons deployed to countries that entered the alliance after 1997, which would include much of eastern Europe, including Poland, the former Soviet countries of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and the Balkan countries.
Russia has also demanded that Nato rule out further expansion, including the accession of Ukraine into the alliance, and that it does not hold drills without previous agreement from Russia in Ukraine, eastern Europe, in Caucasus countries such as Georgia or in Central Asia.

He does not want Russians casting a wishful eye toward a free Ukraine protected by NATO.

NATO has rejected the proposal, but Russia is still waiting for a more positive response. Vladimir Putin knows a weak hand when he sees it and Joe Biden is holding that hand right now. In times of turmoil NATO looks to the US but this time the US has an impotent old man at the front desk. An impotent old man with a rainbow military ready to unleash non-binary troops armed with an endless supply of woke pronouns. Barack Obama reportedly recommended sending more blankets.

Germany is useless to NATO as it has cast its lot with Russia via the Nordstream 2 pipeline upon which it become entirely dependent, having voluntarily fallen under the spell of Greta Thunberg and destroyed most of its own energy supply.

Putin is having his way with Biden, who has done nothing but appease Russia since he was inaugurated. Russia might invade, but it’s also likely that this is an exercise meant to force NATO to negotiate.

Meanwhile, China rattles the saber over Taiwan.

How ironic is it that Joe Biden, who won’t defend our borders from an invasion of illegal aliens, is ready to send thousands of troops to Ukraine to protect its borders from Russia? Or is he protecting the family business? Joe Biden has done one thing well and that is to make America learn how good things were under Donald Trump.

Barack Obama has been proved prophetic when he said “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up”

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