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Would you prefer to have to speak Russian or Chinese? You might not have a choice with Biden as President over the next three years. Biden’s policies will have the US declining into dependency on both Russia and China, assuring that Russia and China dominate the world in the next decade. The near term is Russia, and the longer term is China.

The present- Russia

Since his inauguration day, Biden has been appeasing Vladimir Putin. He refused to stand up to Russian cyber and ransomware attacks. Biden shuts down US oil pipelines and lifts sanctions on Russian pipelines. Germany, who is stupidly killing off its own ability to generate energy, is now dependent on Russia for natural gas. For fear of being frozen to death, Germany is no longer a reliable ally in NATO.

Because Biden has kneecapped the US energy industry, we are importing record amounts of Russian oil.

Russia is amassing troops at the Ukrainian border and an invasion is expected. Putin is expected to install a pro-Moscow puppet to suppress the Russian people from aspiring to freedom as they see in a border nation. At his shipwreck of a press conference Biden promised there would be no response to a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine.

White House staff then tried to walk that statement back, but it was way too a little and late. It is what Biden thought, not what they think. He is the President, not them.


It also could be that Putin is just testing to see how Biden reacts to a threat and now he knows. Biden is a hollow suit. Then again, the last time Putin annexed territory it was in 2014, during the tenure of another weak democrat President.

The future- China

Biden’s future vision for the US is China. China is the single biggest beneficiary of the “Green New Deal.” Biden has been diligently working to destroy US energy independence. If he is to appease the green fanatics, he will need huge amounts of solar panels. In preparation, China has pretty much decimated US production of solar panels:

As a result of Beijing’s massive government subsidies, Chinese solar imports grew roughly 500 percent from 2012 to 2016. By 2017, the U.S. solar industry had almost entirely disappeared.

In an effort to reverse that, Donald Trump instituted tariffs on Chinese solar panels.

The 2018 tariffs were designed to help America’s solar industry survive in the face of China’s strategy to dominate the industry globally. The tariffs worked extremely well. In the last four years, America’s solar manufacturers have ramped up production—and in 2019 reached a 10-year market share high of almost 20 percent.

Those tariffs expire in February and what Biden does will be telling.

Biden climate czar John Kerry threw human rights to the trash heap when it came to China.

However, when a reporter asked Kerry at the recent COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference how he has addressed with Chinese officials the issue of Uyghur slave labor being used to build solar panels in China, he responded, “That’s not my lane here. … My job is to be the climate guy, and stay focused on trying to move the climate agenda forward.”

But then, Kerry is invested in China. And let’s not forget that China invested- heavily- in the Biden’s. Joe Biden does not want to imperil the family business in China, but he does want to make the US dependent on Chinese solar panels. Additionally, Hunter Biden helped China gain control of a cobalt mine in Africa. Cobalt is necessary for electric vehicles. The path to the “green economy” is the path to hell with Biden paving the road.

Biden has made the US dependent on Russian oil and Chinese solar panels. Putin has compromised NATO and Germany. It would not surprise me to see China move on Taiwan should Russia move on Ukraine.

Putin and Xi might even consider invading the US. It’s clear Biden wouldn’t mind as long as it was a “minor incursion.” Biden is woking the military so badly it might not even be able to compete.

Our feckless President is leading the country into the abyss. In less than three years there could be a fight between Russia and China to see who controls the US.


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