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Say it ain’t so Joe.  Joe’s first year report card just arrived at home and the country isn’t happy. Let’s not sugarcoat it-his grades were terrible, horrible, muy malo. 49% of those polled gave Biden either an F or a D. Yeah, that makes sense.  Joe ‘gifted’ 85 billion dollars of our sensitive military equipment to the Taliban and then vaporized a family of 10 with a drone strike.  But wait, there’s more.  Then Joe abandoned Americans in Afghanistan when he skedaddled and put 13 brave soldiers in harms way which cost them their lives.  Don’t forget that Joe still wants our southern border to remain open and orchestrated the influx of three million unvetted, illegal aliens. The price of gas is rising.  Shelves are empty.  Inflation is raging.  COVID is out of control and by the time you finish reading this article, our national debt will be 30 trillion dollars. ($30,000,000,000,000) Reckless spending continues unabated and Democratic members of Congress are abandoning the ship (28 to date), and will not seek re-election. They see the writing on the mid-terms wall and are wisely buying property in red states that still function, like Florida (ringing any bells Pelosi?) In other news, Biden thinks that Russia is poised to tiptoe through the tulips into the Ukraine and China is still eyeballing Taiwan like a hungry feral cat eyes a tiny white mouse.

Biden was recently asked what he planned to change in the near future and our feckless leader said, “Change? We don’t need no stinkin change.”  Okay, I might have paraphrased his comments but you get the drift.  Joe believes that Americans are too stupid to appreciate what an amazing job he is doing.  Who is advising this guy? Everything that Joe touches turns to manure.  He continues to make the wrong decisions about everything. How is that statistically possible?

What does surprise me about the survey is that 31% of the the people polled gave Biden either an A or a B.  I am so confused right now.  What exactly did Biden/Harris accomplish that deserves either an A or a B?  I guess that this is equity in action. Because Biden and Harris are Democrats, they are automatically graded on a curve and deserve high marks even though they are incompetent.  We wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings with the truth.  Recently, when questioned about his accomplishments, Joe remarked, “We’re making progress.”  Progress?  Thanks to a myriad of boneheaded decisions, this country is in the toilet and Joe’s about to flush us into the sewer.

Biden’s press conference reminded me of root canal surgery but I do have one suggestion for reporters. Please, never, ever, ask Biden multiple questions at the same time! This is how Biden responds – which you should have learned in Basic Reporting 101.  “President Biden I have a three part question:  1) Are we going to war soon with Russia? 2) Do you have plans to nuke Florida? 3) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?”  Biden totally skips question #1, ignores question #2 and then with a smile like a Cheshire cat, says, chocolate.” Come on.  This is Joe Biden.  No more multiple questions. He probably forgot the first two questions anyway.  His press conference, like the first year of his presidency, was an unmitigated disaster.  Joe should speak softly and carry cue cards like in the movie, Love Actually.  He only needs five:





STUPID REPUBLICANS                        

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