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Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.  First he promised to make Americans poorer which he quickly accomplished through high energy costs, paying people not to work and inept leadership.  Now Joe is unwrapping a brand new plan.  Apparently, our el presidente not only wants Americans to be poorer but he also wants us to forget about COVID. It’s called misdirection.  Don’t worry about being sick peasants because very soon you will be starving and quarantined.  Clever.

Biden recently pivoted from solving the COVID crisis and turned his focus on solving the supply line crisis. Joe thinks that Americans are too stupid to understand the problem.  This dumb American understands that multiple store shelves are emptier than the Welcome Center in Chernobyl.  Apparently, the new mission of slow Joe and his ‘crack’ team of advisors is to starve us into submission.  Everything that  Biden touches turns to manure.  I hate to admit it but Obama warned us in advance about Biden’s mental deficiencies. I am not an Obama fan but he was spot on with that prediction.  Have you noticed that all of the 81 million Biden/Harris voters have disappeared from the planet. Spooky.  It’s like the Rapture happened and God took the wrong group. (Disclosure: God doesn’t make mistakes and Biden/Harris voters have moved to Florida, Texas, Tennessee and are hiding in witness protection programs)

Losing weight is difficult but President Biden believes that he has the solution. 1) We can produce more food and sell it to China.  2) Team Biden can introduce famine in the land.  Actually a committee came up with that 2nd idea.  Someone had an epiphany and said, “Just release a black horse (3rd seal-famine) and introduce hunger in the country.  Hungry people will whine and complain and need to find someone to blame. The lame stream media will prove very useful and just blame all of the Republicans and of course their favorite villain, Donald Trump.”

Bare Shelves Biden, a new action figure, who is slower than molasses in January, can barely read a teleprompter and wobbles away from the press like a scared rabbit is demanding that Americans lose weight.  His patience is wearing thin with obesity.  Dr. Fauci will soon mandate that everyone must have a bright red target weight tattooed on their foreheads. Anyone who exceeds the posted weight limit will be restricted from restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, hospitals and placed on the no-fly list.  That seems only fair.  Food shelves will remain empty until everyone has reached his/her target weight.  There will be absolutely, positively, no exceptions except members of Congress, their kids, their staffs, Americans on welfare, illegal immigrants, criminals, teacher union members and postal employees.

I will be the first to admit that I need to drop a few pounds.  Okay, a recent unauthorized family poll indicated that I need to lose more than a few pounds. I shut off the electricity when that poll was being tabulated and when the lights came back on the results of the ‘new’ poll were very encouraging.  One ballot said that I looked like Paul Newman and another ballot suggested that I should gain some weight because I look too skinny.  The incriminating video of the new ballots mysteriously arriving by van in the dead of night has suspiciously disappeared.

Americans may just stay at home forever which already seems normal in 2022.  My wife and I are now binge watching the third season of Gilligans Island and really admire the professor who is super smart.  One thing has always puzzled me.  The professor is smart enough to build a functioning radio out of coconuts but he is unable to repair the holes in the S.S. Minnow.  That scenario reminds me of Democrats running our country.  Maybe Kamala can find out the answer when she visits the gaping holes in our southern border.

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