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About 30 years ago an axiom came into being regarding the Clinton’s. They had a habit of accusing others of whatever chicanery they were engaged in. That axiom has turned into cancer which grew in the DNC and now it has become standard operating protocol. democrats now accuse their opposition of whatever devious intentions they harbor. Never forget that. Today there is a new narrative.

Under the guise of protecting democracy, they seek to destroy the Republic. To distract you from this evil, democrats are throwing out all kinds of canards under the aegis of “democracy in peril.”

DNC leaders blew the dog whistle and the dogs came running.

The ever-stupid cheap sellout Nicole Wallace:

On Tuesday’s edition of Deadline: White House, host Nicole Wallace invited PBS Washington Week anchor Yamiche Alcindor on the show to join her continuing obsession over the January 6th riots. During this segment, she made the ludicrous assertion that GOP state voting laws are causing a “January 6 that’s happening every single day.”

The liberal twats at Harvard:

“our entire democracy is now at risk.”

The predictable Boston Globe:

America, your democracy is in peril

Juan Williams

American democracy is in peril

Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) 

“I think what the president did today was very important because we cannot ever forget how fragile our democracy is, how close we were to losing it and how critically important it is right now in this moment that we protect it.”

President Cabbage Brain:

“I will stand in this breach, I will defend this nation, I will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of democracy,”

You might notice a common theme there. The sky is falling, and the only cure is to destroy the Republic and create a one-party state. To get to that one-party state, democrats first have to demolish the filibuster.

Schumer signaled that he will seek to change the Senate’s filibuster rules to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, which would mandate that states have early and mail-in voting. They said that Schumer continues to use the anniversary of the January 6 protests as the basis for passing anti-voter legislation, such as the Freedom to Vote Act.

Yeah, about that “Freedom to Vote” act. It federalizes all elections and puts them under the direct control of the democrat party.

Like H.R. 1, this bill would fill voter rolls with people on any government list. This has previously resulted in people being registered multiple times because they are on multiple lists. Automatic registration has also resulted in noncitizens being registered to vote. Accurate voter rolls are the cornerstone for election integrity. Inaccurate rolls provide opportunities for fraud.

This bill would also require all 50 states to allow same-day voter registration with no verification of identity. Same-day registration provides election officials no time to verify the accuracy of a registrant’s information or to check an individual’s eligibility to vote. This has enabled fraud in states such as Minnesota, where more than 1,000 ineligible felons voted before they could be verified. Their votes may have swung a 2010 election for the Senate.

Additionally, this bill would legalize felons voting in all federal elections, a decision that the Constitution leaves to states. This “compromise,” then, will flood the voter rolls with inaccuracies and risk chaos on Election Day.

The move to kill the filibuster is powered by big left wing dark money. If the filibuster is killed, the Senate becomes a second House and there is nothing that would make ithe Senate distinguished.

You can find a thorough dissection of HR 1, the progenitor of the Freedom to Vote Act, here.

The FTV Act is actually better termed “Freedom to Cheat”:

Democrats negotiated with themselves and once again are pushing a partisan agenda aimed at eliminating the most popular and proven safeguards that preserve Americans’ confidence in democracy.

democrats have declared war on Voter ID:

For instance, progressives will be quick to say that the Freedom to Vote Act preserves voter ID. What they leave out is that the bill bans wildly popular photo ID requirements, bars ID for mail-in ballots, and imposes an identification standard for in-person voting so watered down that all you need to prove identity is to find another person willing to say they know you. Try that the next time you go through TSA.

Just how deep is the bullsh*t? This deep:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar recently said that even requiring a voter to write his own birthday on a mail ballot was “voter suppression.”

The vast majority of Americans supports Voter ID. All civilized nations require Voter ID. I find it curious that the same people who push for vaccine mandates and passports are the same ones against voter ID.

Who knew that there was no freedom to vote? If there is no freedom to vote now how the hell did Biden win?

For four years plus we endured the spectacle of Hillary Clinton hatching a scheme to smear Donald Trump as a Russian asset colluding with Vladimir Putin. That was the worst attack on democracy since Lincoln was assassinated. Or Pearl Harbor. Or 9-11.

When they lose next November, it will be because there was no freedom to vote. We will have to endure this garbage once democrats lose the majority.

democrats are inappropriately named. They’re not democrats in any sense of the word. The definition of democrat is one who is “an advocate or supporter of democracy.” Democrats no longer want a country which all have a voice. They want a one-party state, much like Russia or China, and they want it to last in perpetuity.

BTW, if they have their way, free speech will be gone as well.

Democracy is in peril but not from Republicans and not from Trump. It’s not Republicans curtailing free speech on social media. It’s not Republicans mandating vaccination. It’s not Republicans locking down cities. It’s not Republicans allowing crime to run amuck. It’s not Republicans refusing to prosecute criminals. It’s not Republicans allowing illegals to flood into the country and refusing to secure the border. It’s not Republicans refusing to stem fentanyl pouring into the country. It’s not Republicans who want to stack the Supreme Court. It’s not Republicans who want to kill the Electoral College. It’s not Republicans who are pushing for illegal aliens and felons to vote. It’s not Republicans who are cheapening what it is to be an American citizen. It’s not Republicans who are trying to destroy the Republic.

We are in peril and that peril comes from directly from democrat party.

So, when that flamer Jamie Raskin (D-MD) says Republicans are the “shrinking minority party standing with the most authoritarian, fascistic elements of the whole country” you know he’s telling you what they plan to do.

Bonus-  Chris Cuomo:

“Please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful,”

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