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It’s one year following the Capitol protests and there is a ton of information still in dire need of being brought to light. Desperately needing a distraction from the train wreck that is the Biden regime, democrats plan a circus today.

President Joe Biden expects to target former President Donald Trump during his speech on Capitol Hill Thursday, marking the first anniversary of the January 6th protests of the 2020 election.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki previewed the speech for reporters at the White House on Wednesday, noting that Biden believed that Trump had “singular responsibility” for the riots on that day and would call him out directly.

Biden hatchet man AG Merrick Garland said he planned to prosecute everyone under the umbrella shadow of Jan 6 – even those who weren’t there. The guy who had an agenda to conspire with the school board association to haunt school moms claims he has no agenda.

But let’s be very clear. Jan 6 was not an insurrection. NO ONE has been charged with insurrection, treason or sedition. People who didn’t enter the Capitol have been thrown into solitary confinement for 49 days. Garland claims to have viewed 20,000 hours of security footage. That’s the same footage the DOJ is refusing to release to the defense attorneys. There is little doubt that much exculpatory evidence exists on those videos.

There are a lot more questions which need to be answered before any conclusions can be reached.

Why was the National Guard not mobilized? Trump authorized it.

There are a zillion video surveillance cameras around the Capitol. There are allegedly 20,000 hours of video and yet no one seems to have any interest in the “pipe bomber.”

Federal authorities have yet to explain why three armed protesters were removed from the FBI Most Wanted List.

Federal authorities won’t explain why three men who participated in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, have mysteriously disappeared from the FBI’s Capitol Violence Most Wanted list. One unidentified man wore an earpiece during the riot and was filmed carrying what appeared to be a concealed handgun on his left hip. The man was pictured on the FBI’s most wanted list for over five months until he was removed without explanation on the same day the New York Times reported an FBI informant was at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

A second unidentified man was filmed beating police officers with a baton during the riot. The FBI said the man was wanted for assaulting a federal law enforcement officer, but the agency removed the man from its most wanted list without explanation in late February, just weeks after his debut.

The third man, Ray Epps of Arizona, was filmed in the hours leading up to the riot urging Trump supporters to enter the Capitol to stop the certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory.

Then there’s John Sullivan

sullivan, john.jpg

He’s a wannabe music star who boasts about being an insurrectionist in social media accounts filled with curse-filled rants against former President Donald Trump.

You would think the Jan. 6 march on the Capitol would be the last place to find John Earle Sullivan, yet the 27-year-old was seen continuously spurring on violence that day by pushing the crowd forward. He was just feet away from veteran Ashli Babbitt when she was shot dead by a Capitol Police officer outside the House Chamber, court records show, and he even sold video he shot of the incident for $90,000.

He carried a knife into the Capitol and smashed a window. He spent ONE DAY in jail. One effing day. Tim Caldwell never even entered the Capitol and spent 49 days in solitary. More on him here and here.

We also have to mention Ray Epps.

He helped provoke the protesters and exhorted them to enter the Capitol. Now he’s nowhere to be seen and isn’t on Merrick Garland’s radar. Inquiring minds want to know why.

The Jan 6 committee became a fricking farce the second Pelosi removed Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from the Jan 6 committee and replaced them with two Trump haters- Lynn Cheney and Adam Kinziger. It was an unprecedented act by Pelosi. The Jan 6 committee is now nothing but a partisan sh*t show, a clear measure of how much they fear Trump. They will address none of the above.

Although wrong, an insurrection it was not. It was not coordinated, it was not armed in any viable sense of the word. Two people died that day, both at the hands of Capitol security. To this day the media lies about it. Anyone calling Jan 6 an insurrection is an ignorant moron. Please comment here when someone is charged with insurrection, treason or sedition. Until all those videos are released no one will convince me that the FBI did not have a part in this as they did in Michigan.

Today will be nothing but theatrics but there is an underlying goal. It is all a lynchpin for the democrat plan to end democracy in this country forever and that is coming next.


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