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Welcome back to Day 346 of the President, “Let’s go Brandon, I agree!”* occupation! Another light week for the New Year’s holiday, so let’s get to it:

12/22 – Biden Bans Conservatives and Christians from the Military

12/23 – Three in five Brits reject higher taxes to reach Net Zero

12/24 – Why Haven’t SJW Bullies Destroyed A Christmas Story Yet?

12/25 – If Canada Has More Than 107 Million COVID Rapid Tests, Why Can’t I Get One?

12/26 – Fauci: Let’s Require Vaccines for Domestic Air Travel

12/27 – You Bastards

A farewell note from a Conservative leaving DC. I have a feeling if I didn’t have a kid this would have been me, and even reads as if I’d written it myself

12/28 – Voters may dislike inflation, but Democrats don’t

12/29 – St. Greta Is Not Sure Why Brandon Is Considered A Climate Crisis (scam) Leader

12/30 – The Establishment Wants to Crush You Uppity Peasants

12/31 – Is a Pushback Against Soft Despotism Coming in 2022?

And to close with the annual New Year’s Eve PSA I used to post when I was on Facebook…
To any of you kids out there thinking of hooking up with your “Ex” tonight, remember the words of the immortal Enabram Taim, “Always burn your bridges behind you… You never know may be trying to follow you”

Happy New Year – Let’s go Brandon!

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