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Welcome back to Day 332 of the Sh*ts and Giggles* Occupation! Let’s get right to it:

12/10 – Marching Orders to America From the Progressive Left

You’ll have to scroll down a bit, but worth the read – behold the glorious future that our moral and intellectual superiors have in store for us!

12/10 – Thieving Cops Rob Innocent Woman of $100k, Send Her on Her Way, Then Brag About it On Facebook

Hey Conservatives, looking for a winning bipartisan issue?

12/11 – Aussie Eco-Warrior Fury over Wind Farm Wilderness Devastation

Chopping down trees to build wind mills – surprisingly, The Radical Left is yet to pick up on this!

12/12 – Why Some Parts of the World Are Covid-Free

Hint: They are not living under a Faucist regime

12/12 – Cracked Icons

A longer than usual read on fallen icons of The Radical Left, but it’s VDH so it’s worth every minute

12/13 – Schumer, Who Accused Trump of Russian Collusion, is Getting Paid by Putin

If we had an honest press, the DNC’s top elected officials would be in jail

12/14 – A Clever Way for Leftists to Achieve Gun Control?

One must wonder what Governor Hair Gel could accomplish if he put the same energy into helping Californians that he puts into repressing them

12/15 – German Leader Says He’s “Chancellor of the Unvaccinated” Despite Supporting Mandatory Vaccinations

At least President Biden* would never say something this idiotic. But in the words of the great Mark Dice, “Oh wait, what’s this?

12/16 – Trans activists have much bigger plans than living as they wish

Great point at the end.

12/17 – Leftist ‘Journalists’ Float the Idea That Criticizing Joe Biden Is a Danger to Democracy

Statements like this force us Normals to ask a very bizarre and uncomfortable question: Is it possible that Biden’s* dementia is contagious and infected the press? Asking for a friend.

This will be our last full post of 2021 – the next two weeks’ will still be here, but in the bare bones format for the holidays.

Have a great weekend!

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