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Welcome back to Day 325 of the Bidenflation* presidency! Lots of crazy this week, so let’s get straight to it:

11/29 – Sweden’s Lund University researcher faces prosecution for study that showed most rapes are committed by immigrants

Researchers find facts that contradict narrative, unacceptable in today’s academia

12/3 – Adoptee: I Wish I Had Been Aborted Instead

Would it be mean to say that many of us probab;y agree?


Pay attention – you know that our Dems are eyeing this with envy and are taking notes – Part I

12/3 – Twitter Slaps American Heart Association Article on mRNA Shots with Warning Label

Big Tech doesn’t just hate America, they hate every one of us as individuals.

12/4 – Milestone reached

You can always tell when there’s a Democrat in the White House, one sign is when the phrade “Grim Milestone” disappears from the lexicon

12/4 – Canada Starving People Into Submission

Pay attention – you know that our Dems are eyeing this with envy and are taking notes – Part II


Remember, we need to label Billionaires buying Prosecutors who give free reign to criminals while harassing us Normals for what it truly is – Trickle Down Terrorism

12/5 – The China Virus: You Will Be Assimilated

Controlling the language is a crucial step in any authoritarian movement

12/5 – COMEDY: Washington Post Columnist Claims Press Is Tougher On Biden Than They Were On Trump

I think thet the people who write idiocy like this aren’t being dishonest, rather that they are genuinely stupid enough to believe it

12/6 – Boys Replacing Girls in Sports – Feminists Yawn

Unasked in this article is the question I want to scream every time I hear these stories – Where the Hell are the so called “Feminist” groups in all of this?

12/7 – Biden Admin Praises Taliban’s ‘Openness’ to Women’s Rights

Not as outrageous as it sounds, given how Grandpa Sniffy* treats women himself

12/8 – It Begins: Notre Dame Changes Definition Of Fully Vaccinated To Be Boosterized

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

12/9 – Dems showing signs of panic over gasoline prices as Biden gaffe in Kansas City speech will make for great GOP video ads

Sadly, Sundown Joe* probably just let slip what he heard his handlers bantering as they prepped him for his speech. Luckily, I have full confidence in Republicans’ inability to mass broadcast a gift like this

12/10 – Fauci on Film

I like the comparison to the original Alien film

Have a great weekend!

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