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Signing The Constitution

On August 2, 1776, in the hushed silence pervading Independence Hall’s Assembly Room, in Philadelphia, fifty six Congress members signed The Declaration of Independence. Some signed furtively, some with aplomb, like the first signer John Hancock, President of The Continental Congress, but all signed the pivotal parchment with resolve, knowing that appending their signatures would alter their lives irreversibly and place each one in mortal danger. They validated and affirmed Independence from the British Empire in a document prepared by a Committee composed of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman.

Thomas Jefferson’s eloquence and common sense produced the first draft and eventually under the watchful eye of its editor and the oldest signatory, Benjamin Franklin, thirteen States Declared their grievances against King George III, calling him “unfit to be the ruler of a free people” and they asserted certain natural and legal rights. They solemnly announced their independence from tyranny. Jefferson later explained that The Declaration of Independence was intended to be an expression of the American mind and persuade the world to see common sense. One Declaration declares of the King, “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.”

The Declaration was printed and distributed throughout the States, however it was not until January 1777, that the Continental Congress decided to print the Declaration of Independence revealing a complete list of the signatories, choosing Mary Katherine Goddard, a determined entrepreneur and publisher of the Maryland Journal in Baltimore, to do its printing.

The Declaration rebelled against a foreign force, uniting a collection of States behind a focussed struggle. It proclaimed what became the first successful rebellion against British Colonialism, and the first Nation State Republic that became the most formidable force for liberty in the world.

As we witness the purposeful disorder being perpetrated on America, the moral decay, and the political, financial and corporate corruption, the feelings imbued in the Declaration against King George III hold today for millions of Americans as much as they did 245 years ago.

A full decade passed before the Constitution of the United States was signed. The consequential event that created an independent and sovereign Nation, took place on September 17, 1787, also at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Americans and millions of individuals throughout the world have understood the meaning of The Constitution and what it created and gifted to humanity. The Constitution has been and continues to be a magnet for people everywhere seeking liberty. Even if they’ve never read The Constitution, they know what it wrought and they yearn for a taste of it in their lives.

And yet, . . . the unique Nation that is America and its history changing Constitution today stand in the way of the international movement by Globalists to end the Nation State America.

In The Big “Why” Of The Western World, I explored the mindset of the leadership manipulating the international consciousness guiding the insanity purposely degrading America, its morality, its economy, its population, and its standing.

Their opulent moral bankruptcy comfortably accepts that their end justifies their means. Such self-righteous arrogance and superiority is oblivious to restrictions, or to boundaries that might in any fashion limit their own aberrations, distortions, or perversions. Their mindsets render The Constitution and Laws inconsequential to their own actions. Those are beneath them while the government bureaucracies they have brought under their influence become weapons annihilating all opposition.

The Marxist ideology has invaded America’s colleges, universities, endless institutions and organizations from coast to coast, including the US military, unions and media, vast government bureaucracies, the FBI, and much of the judicial system, creating millions of shills. These invasive and culture-degrading accomplices are directed by those who control the money – Globalist senior bankers, central banks, particularly The Fed, trillion dollar companies and the billionaires that Wall Street spawned. The manipulators are narcissists whose words and actions betray them. Just read what the World Economic Forum leaders and attendees have to say.

To move consciousness they use all weapons in their arsenal forcing national leaders to accept such things as man-made climate change to launch a war against CO2 with religious fervour. Their key is to instill fear in all of humanity in order to install world governance as the only answer.


They promote trans humanism with equal religious fervour as if their elitist pomposity could lead to a socially and technologically engineered humanity more compliant to their whims. This conforms with their ‘traditional family’ reengineering and replacement plans where communities will raise all children. Just look up what Marx’s Communist Manifesto intended for the Family.

The ultimate shock to America is it’s Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy insinuates a complete revamping of the economic system from the ground up. If the Globalists succeed, the revamping will be complied with because of the resident, pervasive and festering Fear across America.

Through ceaseless hammering and droning of the same repetitive, negative, accusatory and savage memes, they seek to solidify a schism of dissonance amongst Americans. The lies bombarding America effectively move many citizens to question their own values, their morals, what they know and what they hold dear. You don’t need to be religious to feel confident that God exists, however, either way, you face ‘cancellation’ if you haven’t been moved to accept the left’s atheistic doctrine.

The articulate visionary and Framer of The Constitution, Thomas Jefferson, wrote, “God, who gave us life, gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God?”

The Power of The American Constitution stands firmly in the path of the Globalist will to destroy the Nation. We have repeatedly witnessed attempts from the left to despotically and overtly stomp on The Constitution. The Democrat Justice department has ignored the First Amendment’s protection, and recently disregarded the Sixth Amendment in its persecution and prosecution of Jan. 6 Capitol demonstration attendees who did nothing more than be ‘present’. The trillions of dollars they are now creating through taxpayer indebtedness will be applied to further institutionalize the indoctrination across all of America and dissolve The Constitution.

All Americans know their cost of living has increased dramatically under the current regime, and regardless what lies are being told about temporary inflation, most Americans may not be aware that M1 (money supply) has exploded at an extraordinary 33% rate this year. This effectively ‘bakes in’ inflation for the long haul as the dollar’s debasement continues to erode the taxpayer’s buying power and confidence. This destructive trend to manipulate America’s economy by the state, can only be altered by a complete reversal of monetary policy.

All of this chaos is purposeful and committed to unravelling the orderliness that The Constitution intends for the Nation. The left and its Globalist masters infect society with fear and anxiety through abhorrent programs such as those convincing Americans and even their youngest children that they are systemically racist.

Other than screaming their favourite ad homonyms of racism and voter ignorance, the left will not present rational arguments for their actions, or even confirm their irrational, hateful and hostile positions. Too many knowingly refuse to see, or hear the lies and the malice coming from the Administration and Democrats rushing to subdue America and diminish the greatest Nation in human history to the ranks of ‘has-been,’ to be restrained under the boot of a faceless foreign global governance.

America must reaffirm its confidence that the miracle of creativity that was energized by its Constitution, and now being suppressed by the left, will spread once more, and with determination lift spirits to counter the chaos and produce a continuation of all that is positive in the American spirit.

We look forward to a widespread reappearance of spiritual and intellectual progress that will sustain the health of America, its sovereignty and the Liberty is holds sacred as originally intended by its brave and visionary signatories.

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