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Biden reminds me of the Kamikaze pilots Japan desperately recruited during the final stages of WWII. Selected aviators flew suicide attack missions against Allied naval vessels by diving their planes directly into enemy ships to inflict as much damage as possible. Their final doomed flights were intentionally one way missions. Slow Joe Biden and his tail gunner, Kackling Kamala are on their own personal Kamikaze mission but unfortunately, their objective is to destroy America.

Our own allies must be bewildered to watch a president intentionally inflict catastrophic damage to his own country. Biden’s apparent cognitive decline is no longer secret. Former White House doctor, Ronny Jackson “suggested President Joe Biden isn’t mentally up for the job and should be forced to pass a cognitive test.”

Sky News host Rita Panahi recently observed that “Biden needs a nursing home and a bowl of soup.”

Ouch! Biden should borrow a tag line from Rodney Dangerfield and shout out to the world: “I tell ya, I get no respect from anyone! I recently went to see the Pope and he yelled at me to get the hell off of his damn couch!” (rim shot) Let’s briefly review some of Biden’s disasters to date:

  1. Refused to close the southern border. 1.7 illegal aliens have poured into America and more are on the way for free stuff, a trip to sunny Florida and maybe $450,000 cash to buy something nice
  2. Dumped poor, sick, uneducated, unvetted, immigrants in cities across America in the dead of night, including 70 secret flights to Florida. Their physical and mental needs will quickly overwhelm our health, education and legal systems
  3. Abandoned Afghanistan and left 85 billion dollars of sensitive military equipment for the Taliban to sell at a garage sale or to China, Russia and Iran
  4. Abandoned American citizens in Afghanistan who were desperately trying to flee the country
  5. Abandoned a functional airbase in Afghanistan that the Chinese can now use to terrorize more of their neighbors
  6. Responsible for the botched rescue mission that killed 12 brave Marines and 1 US Navy medic

  8. Continued incarceration, without representation for many patriots who participated in the January 6 rally in DC. They have now become political prisoners. Jeremy Brown, a former Green Beret, was arrested by the FBI and charged with trespassing, which is a misdemeanor. “Jeremy Brown never entered the US Capital building on January 6.” He is being held without bail and recently announced a hunger strike until his liberty if restored.
  9. Constructed a $455,000 wall around his 2.7 million dollar beach house in Rehobeth, Delaware
  10. Done nothing, zip, nada to stem the bloodshed in our major cities (50 recently shot over one weekend in Chicago)
  11. Done nothing, zip, nada to restore our energy independence-like when Trump was president. Ringing any bells? Now Wreck It Biden is considering shutting down a second pipeline and claims that there is nothing he can do about the $5.00 a gallon gas and the scarcity of natural gas with a cold hard winter coming. Biden also accused Americans of being dumber that a box of hair about the supply chain.
  12. Sent billions of dollars of aid to foreign countries while ignoring the needs of Ameican citizens
  13. Under his watch, a beautiful Afghanistan family of 10 were vaporized from a drone fired rocket. After an exhaustive iquiry it was determined that Oops, our bad. Those kiddies on tricycles really looked like terrorists!

Biden is oblivious to the fact that he is destroying the greatest country on earth. Buyers remorse is gripping the nation and sleepy Joe is now despised from sea to shining sea. His recent approval rate is cratering at 37.8%. LETS GO BRANDON! is ringing out across America and yet Joe’s only concern is keeping the Democratic Party happy, eating ice cream and taking naps.
Kamikaze means, “divine wind,” but Joe’s wind was anything but divine according to the Duchess of Cornwall, who can’t stop talking about Biden farting right in front of her at the COP26 Summit. The Duchess said, “It was long and loud and impossible to ignore.” Biden’s presidency is already, long, loud, impossible to ignore and stinks to high Heaven. It is no wonder that countries laugh at us and no longer take us seriously when our president farts out “Mary had A Little Lamb” in front of a female royal family member.

Biden is definitely on a Kamikaze mission to destroy America. However, as long as his handlers pat him on the head and give him a cookie, Joe and his main squeeze can frolic on the beach, blissfully unaware of the destruction that he has wrought and the punch line that he has become.


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