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Glasgow was the host for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference this past week.  There was lots of hot air emitted from the podium and tons and tons of CO2 spewed into the atmosphere by private jets owned by those in attendance.

400 of them.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos‘ £48million Gulf Stream has led a 400-strong parade of private jets into COP25 including Prince Albert of Monaco, scores of royals and dozens of ‘green’ CEOs – as an extraordinary traffic jam forced empty planes to fly 30 miles to find space to park.

Some environmental activists at the COP26 climate conference will be urging others to cut down on air travel and eat less meat, but little has been said about the billionaires flying in on their own planes on routes already served by commercial airlines.

Meanwhile, as the super-rich were whisked away into waiting limos, hundreds of less fortunate delegates were left unable to get to Glasgow after brutal storms crippled rail links, forcing travellers to sleep on the floor of Euston station in London.

Bezos was there to celebrate Bill Gates’ birthday on Gates’ modest boat.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates transported his guests by helicopter from his €1.8million-a-week rental yacht 'Lana' to the Sea Me Beach club in Fethiye

After the party Bezos flew up to Glasgow, where he joined other private jet riding attendees such Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince Charles and Harry and Megan.

They were there to tell us of the sacrifices we need to make for the sake of the climate. And then there was Joe Biden’s 85 car carbon neutral motorcade.

The private jets were estimated to emit more than 13,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

More than 400 private jets carrying world leaders and business executives to Cop26 will blast 13,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, the Sunday Mail can reveal.

The flights – which will produce more global warming gas than 1,600 Scots burn through in a year – have been branded “rank climate hypocrisy” and the “nadir of carbon inequality.” …

Our carbon calculations are conservative as they are based on the emissions of the smaller private jets used by hundreds of the business leaders attending the talks.

Boris Johnson took a private jet home to London.

These events are ridiculous. The only pollution greater than the CO2 is the hypocrisy, and it reeks.

Biden urges nations to curb emissions. Celebrities? Nah. The wealthy? Nah.


If the greenies were serious an emission tax or surcharge would be slapped on all private jet travel- onerous enough to compel commercial travel.

And right now more than 1000 coal plants are being built and/or planned in China and India.

The truth? There is no climate crisis. Period. These people do not act as though there is a crisis. Perhaps we should say that there is no crisis for the bourgeoise, only for the proletariat. Not one of these uber-wealthy miscreants would suffer for anything enacted around the world. While you might find gasoline prohibitively expensive they will always be able to afford it. The goal is to burden you with the nonsensical demands of “green” energy while the cloud dwellers party like it’s 2099.


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