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You’ve no doubt already heard about what Ace of Spades calls the North American Man Boy Lincoln Association’s spectacularly botched false flag using several paid MacAuliffe staffers to try to smear Glenn Youngkin. Then I watched a video by Mr. Reagan earlier today, and well…

Me: “My opinion of those Vichy Republican pedophiles couldn’t get any lower!”

Lincoln Project: “Hold my Zima.”

They actually took the time and effort to make an anti-Youngkin ad by tying him to Sebastian Gorka, with the thrust of the ad trying to smear Gorka as an anti-semite. If you just want to see the ad, jump to the 14:00 mark, but the whole video is worth watching. The worst part is the reason I’m writing this post. Mr. Reagan asked Seb why he’s not suing, Seb said that as a public figure anyone can pretty much say anything about him. And that’s the reason for this post – there might not be legal recourse against these lying scum, but we can spread the word and shine as much sunlight as possible on these cockroaches.

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