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It’s pretty interesting the way things work. A Fox poll this week showed that Clinton flack and current Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, had not only lost his lead but was eight points behind his opponent Glenn Youngkin.

Elizabeth Holmes, an NBC29 anchor, tweeted something she saw outside of the Glenn Youngkin rally.

Echoes of Charlottesville! One of McAuliffe’s staffers responded

Another McAuliffe flack

Yeah, about that. It turns out that they are anything but Youngkin supporters. They’re actually McAuliffe supporters and staff.

Two of them are identified here, along with their likely organizer. The Jack Posobiec nailed down it being a dirty political trick:

Then a third perp is identified

Curious how this transpires almost immediately after the McAuliffe campaign hired the king of dirty tricks Marc Elias. But wait a sec! The pedophile infused Lincoln Project claimed to have done the deed:

It was great fun watching this evolve in real time. I just happened to luck out being on the computer when it was going down. The Lincoln Project is made up of a bunch of bitter morons and this stunt is not only not going to hurt Youngkin it is going to wound McAuliffe. That’s some funny stuff right there.

On Twitter #TerryMollett is trending. Youngkin might actually consider hiring the Lincoln Project.




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