Posted by Larry Brandes on 14 October, 2021 at 8:33 am. 29 comments already!

The short answer: They have to.

The longer answer: The Dems have to cheat because they have no legitimate presidential contender to climb into the octagon cage with Donald Trump.  That’s a fact, Jack.  Trump is a tough, battle-tested,  mixed martial arts (MMA) combatant who will destroy any Democratic opponent who can summon the courage to face him mano e mano.  MMA is a brutal blood sport only exceeded by the brutality of politics. Seriously, the Democrats have no viable contenders on the bench.  They know it.  The Republicans know it.  The Independents know it. However the Democrats have another huge problem: The toxic duo of Biden/Harris.

It has now become apparent to anyone paying attention that Wreck It Biden/Harris is in the process of intentionally destroying America. Gas and food prices are soaring and things just keep getting worse.  The southern border is wide open and accessible to anyone and everyone from anywhere who seek entry. Violent felon?  Infested with malaria?  Come on in.  You will be magically transported somewhere nice and your life will be swell. Don’t forget to vote Democratic! Many of our major cities are now imploding with violence and crime. The murder rate is way up and justice has disappeared from the land.  Recently an 18-year-old kid in high school (who was apparently bullied and robbed not once but twice) got really mad and shot a few classmates and a teacher just for payback. He shot up the school on Wednesday and was released on bond the next day.  On January 6, numerous good, proud, patriotic Americans who attended a rally in Washington and didn’t shoot anyone, were incarcerated indefinitely, without a hearing. Many are still rotting in prison, except Ashli Babbitt who was abruptly shot and killed by Capitol Police officer Lt. Michael Byrd inside the Speakers Lobby for “climbing through one of the doors where the glass was broken out.”[1]  Where is Ashli’s justice?

Meanwhile, in other terrible news, 100,000 businesses have shut down and will never reopen. Global supply bottlenecks are choking supplies and those mean grinches in the White House just consulted their Magic 8 Ball which predicted a not-so Merry Christmas. Anxiety is gripping our nation and the government’s slimy tentacles are wrapping around the citizens and slowly suffocating them to death. COVID is still wreaking havoc and killing innocents but China has mysteriously avoided any blame for the pandemic.  Trump recently said that:

“It was obvious to smart people” that the coronavirus emerged from a lab in the Chinese city of Wuhan.”

Everyone is buying a gun and enough ammo to defend the Alamo.  Church attendance is way down and the watchmen on the towers have disappeared, but the Pope had time to shoot the breeze in a private meeting with Nancy Pelosi.  Nancy then attended mass and really relished a photo op of reciting the second reading but hecklers drove her away from the church and Rome and Italy.  Many Catholics in America were annoyed because they fervently prayed that Rome would keep her. Forever.

Billy Joel said it best in 1989:

We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning , since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No, we didn’t light it but we tried to fight it

Trump (if he chooses to run for president) already knows the name of every deep state swamp creature.

He also has a particular disdain for the numerous, cowardly RINOS hiding in plain sight who stabbed him in the back. Those hyenas are already panicking and trembling in fear that he will seek re-election. They also know that Trump is a Category 5 hurricane and will go scorched earth on all of the spineless jellyfish that are harming our country.

Trump does bear a grudge and he does love America. God speed.