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Fake set.  Fake room.  Fake windows.  Fake flowers.  A phony White House production set resembling the The Gong Show, was built across the street from the White House. The cardboard desks and cheap plastic chairs are a nice touch.  Our crack president, Biden, can now read what he is told from a script directly from a face-on-monitor.  This avoids the embarrassing glare from the normal teleprompter glass that can be seen on camera.  Reflected glass is the least of Joe’s problems.  He has become a national embarrassment on the world stage. Recently, Joe traveled to Michigan and delivered another horrid speech to an unenthusiastic crowd.

During the speech, Joe Biden slurred his words, mumbled about Grandpop and a “jargee station” (no idea what he meant there), slurred his words, and then finished off spouting some gibberish. Joe was in peak form.  It was another amazing performance.

Unfortunately, Joe enjoys the protective shield of the Democratic party and the lying mainstream media:  (Hey, nothing to see here.  Joe is super swell.  What a president!  Move along peasants. He did too receive 81 million votes.  Stop saying that he didn’t.  He is beloved.  He is articulate.  He is our grumpy grandpa and we worship him.  Hail Biden! You will learn to love him too.)  However, while Joe stumbles and mumbles and wanders away from adult supervision, the problems we face are real and growing worse.


  • Biden abruptly abandoned Afghanistan and left Americans at the hands of the Taliban
  • Biden abandoned billions of dollars of sensitive military equipment and a functional airbase
  • Biden refused to close the southern border and transported thousands of unvetted, sick immigrants willy nilly across America in the middle of the night
  • The COVID epidemic continues to devastate the United States
  • Inflation in America is surging. Gas and food prices are killing poor Americans
  • Thousands of closed businesses will never re-open. Thousands of people are out of work
  • Violent crime is surging in liberal run major cities across America
  • China is on the verge of staring WWIII. They mistakenly assume that their shiny new ships, planes and missiles will simply overwhelm battle tested countries like Japan, Vietnam, Australia, the Philippines, and India. Yeah, I don’t think that is going to end well for China
  • Justice has disappeared from the land. Violent criminals run free and innocent citizens are incarcerated without just cause
  • Unvaccinated health care professionals are being terminated when we need them the most
  • Churches are closed and bars and strip clubs remain open
  • Up is down and down is up
  • Americans no longer trust their Government to tell the truth
  • Evil is running rampant across America

The barbarians are at the gates.  Something wicked has arrived.

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