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Welcome back to Day 248 of the Harris* Occupation! Let’s jump right in:

9/17 – Local Detroit TV Asks For Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from COVID – Gets over 182K Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead Instead

Take a guess how this went. Go ahead, take a guess!

9/17 – Remembering 9-11 May “Offend” Some People.

As you probably guessed, it offended people who needed to be offended

9/18 – Rewriting The History of 9/11? Some Schools Are Trying

Welp. That follows the last story nicely. All the more reason taking back our education system is so crucial.

9/18 – The people of Melbourne remind the world how to deal with Tyranny

For obvious reasons, our press is doing its best to ignore

9/18 – People are still having fun with that photo of hardcore MAGA QAnon insurrectionists at the #JusticeForJ6 rally

This week’s tweets at the end of the post will include soem of the greatest hits from last Saturday’s FBI rally!

9/19 – Exploiting Covid to Purge Military

This is an interesting double edged sword. As much as I hate to see the our best being purged from our military, I then stop and remember who our country’s leadership will next be asking them to attack.

9/20 – AOC’s “Tax the Rich” Dress Designer Owes $160K+ In Tax And Other Debts, Received $40K+ In Pandemic Relief Aid

Gulag Barbie is one of those creatures with whom it’s impossible to move the needle on. Anyone who follows politics knows who she is and is unlikely to change their opinion. That said, let’s take advantage of the constant opportunities to ridicule her, and by extension, her supporters.

9/21 – The CDC takes orders from the teachers’ unions

I believe it was @Iowahawkblog on Twitter who said it well a while back, something to the effect of, “When you hear about public sector employees organizing, remember who they’re organizing against.”

9/22 – The Nation: All You Peons Must Be Stopped From Resuming Your Pre-COVID Travel Habits

Back in the day I used to describe The Nation as a Liberal’s (Back when the coud be called Liberals and weren’t radical Leftists) equivalent of National Review – well written representations of their respective sides. Now they represent the Radical Leftist extremists vs. the Vichy Republicans standing athwart and shouting, “If you just slow down, in 20 years David French and Jonah Goldberg will be arguing for whatever you tell us to!”

9/23 – Killing Children with Safety: Child Obesity SOARED During COVID Lockdowns

Why look at all sides of a complicated issue when simple fear mongering and panic will suffice?

9/24 – Dems Complain Putin Stole Their Election Theft Ideas

Only Democrats could have the gall to complain about Russia trying to cheat on the level that they do themselves.

Have a great weekend!

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