Posted by Larry Brandes on 11 September, 2021 at 9:50 am. 68 comments already!

Biden stopped eating ice cream long enough to threaten non-vaxxed Americans. Apparently, Joe is losing patience with us deplorable Americans who have been avoiding the injection and says we better watch out because he’s done being Mr. Nice guy. Nope, he doesn’t mean you 640,000 U.S. Postal workers. He won’t force them to get vaccinated but (fingers crossed) he really hopes that they will-pretty please. Nope, he doesn’t mean all of the illegal immigrants he invited who walked across our southern border and were shuffled to secret locations around the country. Nope, he’s not threatening the Afghanistan refugees who may or may not have COVID, or other infectious diseases and were also shuffled to secret locations in American cities around the country. Joe’s running the largest hide and seek game in history. Can you find the refugees? Come on man, they’re hiding in plain sight. Boy oh boy, Biden has really been busy secretly transporting people under the cover of darkness by plane, train, and buses. No wonder Biden is tired and must retreat to Wilmington for a nap and some ice cream.

Biden was visibly angry when he recently faced the nation and declared that his “patience is wearing thin.” He blamed everyone but himself for the debacles he orchestrated during his short tenure in the Oval Office. It is widely assumed that Joe is being told what to say and what to do and where to go. Unfortunately for bumbling Biden, he is the face of one disaster after another and deserves all of the blame because after all he is the president and received 80 million votes (yeah right).

America’s patience is growing thin with Biden. We are angry that YOU botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan and 13 brave Marines lost their lives. We are angry that YOU left Americans behind waiting in their homes for the Savage Taliban Welcome Committee to arrive. We are angry that YOU abandoned billions of dollars of sensitive American military equipment when you skedaddled out of Afghanistan (run away! run away!). We are angry that YOU send money to other countries but allow many of our wonderful, homeless U.S. Veterans to rot in our streets like garbage. These are the same men and women who valiantly served our country and deserve the help and respect that they truly deserve. We are angry that YOU have allowed crime to rise in cities across the nation and yet remain silent. We are angry that the national debt is nearing 29 trillion dollars with no end in sight and no response, concern, or solution from YOU. Apparently, YOU can’t be bothered.

At the conclusion of Joe’s speech to the nation, he beat a hasty retreat from the teleprompter and avoided questions from the reporters. That’s Joe’s MO. Read what you’re told, do what you’re told, and always blame others for your serious lack of leadership skills. The only bright spot of Biden’s entire presidency is no mean tweets. Democrats are ecstatic.