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In a not unexpected decision, Joe Biden has surrendered to the Taliban. US forces will be gone from Afghanistan by August 31, the date the Taliban demanded the US be out.

President Joe Biden delivered a snub to his international allies on Tuesday, dismissing the desperate pleas of G7 leaders to extend the Kabul evacuation beyond August 31, after the Taliban issued a chilling warning to western forces who stay and banned Afghans from leaving.


The move gives the Biden administration just seven days to evacuate thousands of American citizens and local allies still stranded on the ground. And it means that officers will have to begin ordering U.S. troops home within days in order to meet the deadline for clearing the airport.

This despite Biden sending CIA Director Burns to grovel and beg for more time.

Americans will be left stranded:

You might recall that Little Red Lying Hood said that wasn’t going to happen

Biden has chosen to surround himself with pathetic lying idiots and Jake Sullivan is one of them


These people have no conscience or morals.

When Biden and his minions once again attempt to shift the blame to Trump let us clearly remember that he said the timeline and manner of the withdrawal from Afghanistan was his decision.


He’s f**ked our troops, he’s f**ked the stranded Americans and he’s f**ked the Afghans. And they know it

Pro-American Afghans are doomed. Stranded Americans will be rounded up and held for ransom, probably on the order of a billion dollars in cash on palettes (that might sound familiar).

This is far worse than the fall of Saigon. It is the fall of American integrity and moral authority.

Nancy Pelosi says that today is a day a great pride for democrats and America

Biden has taken a knee to everyone else and now to the Taliban. The Taliban is in charge of the country, not Biden.

Dan Crenshaw tweeted this

Biden, who has lied non-stop since taking office, should get exactly the same response from America:

“Go f**k yourself”

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