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Sun Tzu, the brilliant Chinese military strategist offered this strategic advice:  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

That advice has withstood the test of time and Joe Biden embraced it when he became president. Actually, Joe’s son Hunter made a wooden plaque in shop class that sits on Biden’s desk in the Oval Office. 

Unfortunately, the plaque reads:  Love Close Friends and Enemies Keep Loving. Whoops. 

That’s not it Joe.

Joe not only loves his enemies but blindly initiates all of their hair-brained ideas. All of those whacky, moronic left-wing ideas fall into Biden’s brain and drop out of his mouth like Chicklets. Biden’s presidency reminds me of that TV show Impractical Jokers.  Impractical Jokers is an unscripted, hidden-camera show featuring the members of the troupe the Tenderloins, who perform crazy pranks on unsuspecting strangers. I swear that Joe Biden appears to be the comic foil to Donald Trump and sinister traitors/comedians/enemies/advisers are behind the curtain pranking him. These are some of the insane ideas that Biden has initiated in the last seven months of his presidency. Who is writing this stuff?

1. “Joe, keep that southern border open.” – Yeah, not only keep it open but invite anyone and everyone with legs to walk right in. Hey, this could be funny. Absolutely no vetting for anyone. Also, tell your border patrol to ignore the illegal immigrants sitting on the hood of their car asking for a ride. Joe then screams at all citizens to wear masks because of COVID. 

Tell them that you take that seriously while eating an ice cream cone in Delaware.    

2. “Joe, under the cover of night, covertly ship the immigrants to red states across the country.” – That could really be fun to watch. Hey, Joe, ship them by plane to Texas and Tennessee.    

3. “Joe, lets abandon Afghanistan. – Yeah Joe, but let’s do it bassackwards. First, you get our military safely out of the country, then watch the trapped U.S. citizens beg for help. I got a better idea, Joe. Abruptly abandon the U.S. Bagram military airfield, north of Kabul, and make those trapped citizens fight their way to the smaller airport in Kabul. This could be funny, leave billions of dollars of U.S. military equipment for the Taliban to capture. Okay Joe, now put some of our troops back into the country but tell them that they can’t leave the airport and help the captured Americans. Immediately go to Camp David. Okay, Joe the next day abruptly return to the White House and hold a press conference. Here’s the funny part. Don’t even mention the disaster in Afghanistan. Talk about COVID Joe. Yeah, people really want to hear more about COVID. Hey Joe, then walk out of the room and refuse to take any questions from the press.   

4. “Joe, blame Trump for anything and everything that goes wrong during your presidency.” – That will be really funny. 

We can enjoy watching Trump’s head explode when he is falsely blamed for all of your egregious mistakes.  

5. “Joe, sign a boatload of Executive Orders. No, this is going to be hilarious. Sign like a hundred executive orders. Don’t even bother to read them. While you are signing them tell the camera that you don’t really know what you are signing.

Unfortunately, somewhere, behind the curtain, lurking in the tall weeds, an evil cabal of sinister people are intentionally making horrible decisions. It’s almost like they want to destroy America. They make Joe Biden look completely senile, Harris incompetent, and America weak on the world stage. Maybe, and I’m just spiff balling here, the crack reporters across the land, should actually get a new attitude, shake off the cobwebs, and actually do their job. Whew, there I said it. Find out who is behind the curtain and while you are at it, find out what really happened in the 2020 election.               


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