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If an alien spaceship landed in my back yard our homeowners association (HOA) would send me a nasty warning letter warning to remove said spaceship from the premises or face additional fines and a whipping in the public square. Okay, different scenario. If an alien spaceship landed in the field across the road from my home and two green aliens rang my doorbell would I answer it? Of course but they probably would request that I TAKE THEM TO OUR LEADER. That could be problematic because I really don’t know who exactly is running our country.

I don’t think that sleepy Joe Biden is large and in charge. His mind seems to have turned into oatmeal and his behavior is so erratic, bordering on catastrophically compromised that he can barely find his way back to his office without Jill’s help. Seriously, who really voted for that dude? I questioned a good friend of mine, Dr. Dave, about Joe’s obvious declining mental state. 

Dave responded, “Why, Larry I think that he’s just fine.” When I continued to press the issue, Dave just replied dismissively, “I hear what you are saying Larry-you are entitled to your own opinion.” I asked Dave what media source thinks that Biden is just super-duper fine and he replied, “The New York Times.” I told Dave that “The Gray Lady is perfect for lining the bottom of my parakeet cage (rimshot).” Dave doesn’t call anymore.

For twenty years we chased the Taliban all over Afghanistan with limited success. Team Taliban seemed rather elusive and played hide and seek like pros. Twenty minutes after we abandoned Afghanistan, the enemy we couldn’t find re-captured 90% of the country including the airport in Kabul. The President of Afghanistan, Ashra Ghani, smelled the napalm in the morning and said, “RUH-ROH that smells like defeat,” and hopped on the first flight out of town leaving his poor citizens to fend for themselves. Biden responded in a very bizarre manner and …wait for it…blamed Donald Trump for the debacle and then hopped on the first available helicopter to Camp David for some R & R. Trump fired back and said, “What a disgrace it will be when the Taliban raises their flag over America’s embassy in Kabul. This is a complete failure through weakness, incompetence, and a total strategic incoherence.” Ouch, that’s gonna leave a mark.

However, Joe did send Team Taliban a harshly worded message that warned, “Pretty please don’t overrun our embassy but if you do, pretty please with cherries on it don’t kill any of our citizens whom we accidentally may have left behind. They’re all hiding at the airport.” The Taliban were laughing so hard that they dropped their AK-47 rifles. The gig is up. 

The entire world knows that Joe is not really the president but is playing one on TV. Many consider Biden, hands down, the worst president in U.S. history. They would have known much sooner if not for the despicable and corrupt media who aided and abetted the farce. Shame on them.

That brings me back to the aliens who are still standing at my front door. I said, “Come back in 2025 when Trump is back in office, and don’t forget to take your spaceship because the HOA won’t let you park there overnight.”

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