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I know Thanksgiving is a ways off but I realized that there is so much for which we can thank Biden voters. Each passing day brings us more. Let us list the items of our gratitude.

  • Inflation jumped a 5% last month

Thank you, Biden voters.

Biden says it’s temporary. You know, like 15 days to flatten the curve. Biden is downplaying inflation, probably because it doesn’t affect him or Hunter.

  • Tyson already raised the price of pork by 39 percent in the last quarter while beef went up 11 percent and chicken prices increased 15 percent.

Thanks, Biden voters

  • Major appliances are expected to see increases from 5-20%

Thank you, Biden voters.

Thanks, Biden voters.

They said Trump was a dictator. Thanks, Biden voters

Thanks, Biden voters

  • Biden is supportive of Fauci’s plan to suspend your Constitutional rights

Thank you, Biden voters

Taliban fighters are going door-to-door and forcibly marrying girls as young as 12 and forcing them into sex slavery as they seize vast swathes of the Afghanistan from government forces. Jihadist commanders have ordered imams in areas they have captured to bring them lists of unmarried women aged from 12 to 45  for their soldiers to marry because they view them as ‘qhanimat’ or ‘spoils of war’ – to be divided up among the victors.

Afghanistan thanks you, Biden voters.

Thanks very much, Biden voters

  • The Southern border is wide open and over 1 million, many COVID positive, have entered illegally

Thanks a lot, Biden voters

  • Biden is purging the military of conservatives and turning the rest into fighters for social justice and pronouns

Thanks, Biden voters

Thanks again, Biden voters.

  • Biden is pushing a version of the Green New Deal, which would devastate the US economy

Biden is pushing to stop domestic mining for rare earth minerals. You know, the stuff you need for electric vehicles. Who’s the biggest producer of these minerals? CHINA

Who produces the most polysilicon (for solar panels)? CHINA

  • Last but not least, Biden (who can’t find his way out of a paper bag)  shut down oil exploration and the Keystone pipeline but now he’s begging OPEC to pump more.


So now we will pay OPEC and the Russians for oil and gas for which we previously paid American interests. Biden also has us dependent on China for the Green New Deal.

Thanks, Biden voters. For all of it. You damn morons.