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I picked up an article from Microsoft News that kind of stood out to me. The title was

North Korea’s people face ‘grave’ situation, while its leaders enjoy luxuries


It had a really familiar ring to it. The price of food is skyrocketing? Yeah that is familiar. Under our dictator prices are skyrocketing.

North Korea’s leaders enjoy luxuries? Hey, so do ours! These are Joe Biden’s homes

Greenville, DE

Photo credit: Google Earth

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Photo credit: Google Earth

McLean, VA

Photo credit: Google Earth

Here’s poor Hunter Biden, who when not smoking parmesan cheese and prancing around naked in front of a minor is buying very expensive cars.

Hunter Biden snapped grabbing lunch with pregnant wife at Waldorf Astoria

This is the same worthless POS who had no money for his out of wedlock child by a stripper and was able to pay off a tax lien of $450,000 within six days with no discernable income.

And other progressives?

Obama, Martha’s Vineyard

See the source image

Pelosi, SF

See the source image

The leaders here do not suffer, but rather enjoy luxuries and are corrupt without consequence while dictating how we are to live.

Just like North Korea.

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