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The influx of unvetted immigrants pouring across our open southern border has become a serious crisis. Trump had the problem almost fixed, and then Biden arrived on the scene. Biden was envious of Trump’s successes and resented his unbridled popularity both of which have always eluded Joe.  Biden, with a stroke of his pen, magically snatched failure from the jaws of success and offered the entire world a GET INTO AMERICA FREE card.  The trickle of immigrants turned into a stream and the stream turned into a river, and then the river turned into a tsunami. Biden’s solution was simple-ignore the problem, and maybe it would disappear. Crisis?  What crisis? We ain’t got no stinkin crisis! (Actually I think that’s the new White House motto).  Things definitely got worse.  Nightly videos of poor mothers and small kids wading across the Rio Grande flickered on our TV sets and haunted our dreams. What happened to America?  We used to be great.  We used to be strong and helped those less fortunate.  Jen Psaki bobbed and weaved and tried to deflect attention from the video of the two little sweet girls dropped over the wall by coyotes, but she failed miserably.  Cue the chorus: How do you solve a problem like the border?

Finally, Biden had an epiphany and put Kamala in charge of the border.  Closing the border was never on Biden’s TO DO BUCKET list.  Biden wanted to keep the border open and then find someone to take the blame.  Kamala was a perfect fall gal for this crisis. Her demeanor turns people off and that hideous cackling laugh makes coffee nervous. Kamala didn’t want the job.  Biden created that catastrophic mess and then expected her to solve the problem.  Typical guy.  Kamala dug in her high heels and became passive/aggressive.  She heard the beep-beep-beep of the border dump truck backing up, and she ran away and hid. “Where’s Kamala?” became the new party game. Kamala hid everywhere but the southern border. Her procrastination plan worked quasi well for 92 days.  Kamala was spotted on the west coast, the northeast coast and also munching cookies in the windy city (Da Bears!). Kamala was even spotted marching in a Capital Pride Walk and Rally in Washington, DC and had a nice photo op with her hubby. However, the immigration problem continued to fester and then started to stink. 

Suddenly, things changed.  That big poopy head Trump declared that he would visit the border at the end of June. It was only then that Kamala checked her calendar and decided to visit Texas one week before Trump.  It must have slipped her mind.  She looked at a map of Texas and tried to find a city as far west as possible and 800 miles away from ground zero.  She picked El Paso. Kamala was about as welcome as an outhouse breeze and the welcoming committee-wasn’t very warm and friendly.  Upon her arrival, Latino Trump supporters in El Paso chanted, “Que Mala Harris!” (how bad). Another protester held up a sign for Madam VP that read: “Kamala do you hear their screams?” Ouch.  That had to leave a mark.  It was Guatemala all over again. When reporters asked her a question, Kamala got snarky and walked away. Kamala did visit the gift shop for a souvenir and bought a LETS BLAME TRUMP FOR EVERYTHING t-shirt. Kamala whined, “We inherited a tough situation.”  Biden and Harris always blame someone else for their failures and are terrified that their supporters will eventually turn against them.    

Maybe it’s just me, but Kamala seems unhappy, stressed out and physically exhausted. 2022 and 2024 are silently creeping closer, and an ill wind is blowing for Democrats. When Republicans regain the White House, they will just have to drain the swamp all over again.

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