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Welcome back to Day 136 of The Harris* Occupation! Still keeping light on the content, so let’s get to it:

5/27 – North Texas Teacher Placed On Leave Over Back Cover Of Middle School Yearbook (H/T Deplorable Me)

5/28 – Black Lives Matter founder: ‘If we don’t step up to end the imperialist project that’s called Israel, we’re doomed’

5/29 – CBS News’ Interview with Climate Scientist Exposes the Whole Ruse

5/29 – “Grotesque” – Kamala Harris Receives Backlash For Tweeting Photo of Herself, Telling Americans to Enjoy Their “Long Weekend”

5/30 – Creepy Joe Gets Even Creepier

5/31 – As “Journalists” Cry That Their Monument To Their Own Vanity — the Newseum — Shuts Down, Commenters Patiently Explain Why Their Temple Must Be Destroyed

6/1 – Going “Woke” Will Cost Major League Baseball Millions

6/2 – Police Investigate Portland Antifa and BLM Armed Militants Who Blocked Traffic in Armed Checkpoint

OK, this one needs comment. To translate the headline, “Portland Police will investigate the victims of Antifa and the Buy Large Mansions (BLM) violence”

6/3 – I’m A Mom Seeking Records Of Critical Race and Gender Curriculum, Now The School Committee May Sue To Stop Me (Update)

6/4 – ‘Woke’ medicine is coming to a hospital near you

Have a great weekend!

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