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Welcome back! Things are slowly settling down from the events from earlier this month. Hopefully I’ll be getting back to some real writing next week, but in the meantime let’s get to it: First again, a quick PSA:

“The Origins and Goals of Black Lives Matter” with Clare Lopez

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 Beginning at 8 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. ET via GoToMeeting

“This presentation will delve into the origins, founders, and self-avowed beliefs of the BLM Movement as well as its current & ongoing activities, plus where it gets its enormous amounts of funding.”

FREE but registration is required

To register, please email

Because of a previous commitment, I won’t be on this call but have attended similar ones before. As I mentioned last week, trust me ,it’s worth your time.

5/14 – Parent BLASTS Peoria School Board on Critical Race Theory

5/14 – Ethics Complaint Filed Over Congress Members Using Air Marshals for Extra Protection. Maxine Waters Hardest Hit.

5/15 – San Francisco’s One-Day School Reopening Shows Teacher Unions’ True Colors

5/16 – Video Shows U.S. Capitol Police Gave Protesters OK to Enter

5/17 – Dr. Strawman, Or How I Learned To Stop Loving The FBI And Start Worrying

5/18 – Beware Teachers Unions Bearing School Reopening Talk

5/19 – Biden to Release Terrorists Including UBL’s Guard, Al Qaeda Bag Man, and KSM Aide from GITMO. But Look Who’s Still in Jail.

5/20 – Republican State Legislators Run for Cover on K-12 Indoctrination Bill

5/21 – PBS children’s show broadcast drag queen reading from her book, teaching kids to ‘experience the magic of drag’

Have great weekend!

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