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Welcome back to day 101 of The Harris* Occupation – we’ve cleared her first 100 days! This post will be relatively light, as will the next few weeks while I work on what’s already a four part piece. Part 1 is mostly done, and I have my notes organized on 2-4. Stay tuned. Now, onto the crazy:

4/22 – Biden* Causes Stock Market to Plummet

4/23 – Horror! California Officials Force Crying Mentally Handicapped People to Get COVID Vaccinations (VIDEO) (H/T Nan G)

4/24 – Nickelodeon Jumps On The Woke CRT Bandwagon With ‘Environmental Racism’ Video

4/24 – Parenting Advice From Greta Thunberg


4/26 – Democrats Blaming Everyone but Themselves

4/36 – Top 10 Sickening Details About How Federal Employees Trafficked Baby Body Parts

OK, I need to make an eception and comment on this one – don’t read it while you’re eating. Guaranteed to kill your appetite

4/27 – Public Service Announcement: A Warning of the Real Danger of Marijuana

4/28 – Today’s blacklisted American: Student is persecuted by university for asking a question

4/29 – The Liberation of Dachau And Holocaust Lessons We Haven’t Learned

4/30 – Real Voter Suppression Surging in California

ICYMI – The first of what will be a bunch of quick hits that will be a part of the aforementioned 4 part series – The Democrats Are Right – Let’s Defund the Police!

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