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Welcome back everyone! Picking up on a trend from the great YouTuber Mark Dice, I will stop using the disrespectful phrase, “The Biden* Occupation”. Instead, I will use the more proper term and welcome you to day 73 of the Harris* Occupation! Let’s get to the latest insanity:

3/26 – DHS Preparing to Use Private Contractors to “Scour Public Data and Social Media” To Compile Dissident Citizens for Watch List and No Fly Lists

What could possibly go worng with this? Of course, to The Radical Leftists that have seized our government potential for abuse is a feature, not a bug

3/27 – Pete Buttigieg floats ‘vehicle miles’ tax

Has there ever been a tax increase on the poor that The Radical Left didn’t love?

3/28 – How Do You Measure Hot Air?

A bit longer and more wonky than normal, but a good look at how Climastrologists lie to make their case for Gaia Worship

3/29 – Fauci Says Kids Need To Wear Face Masks To Play Together

Can this gremlin just (copulate) off the deep end and go away already?

3/30 – The War Against Instinct

This week, I’m goin’ anecdotal. A little less “facts and figures” and a little more “Mark Twain after three whiskeys.”

Here’s the story of Little Robert and the Crip.

3/31 – White Rape Victims of Brown Muslims Are … ‘RACISTS!’

Just once, I would love to see the party that claims to be pro-woman to condemn all rapes, even when they’re committed by people of a certain religion or someone who was the US President back in the 90s.

3/31 – NBC Scanning 17,000 Hours of WWE Content to Look For “Racist” Material

So much for pro wrestling being one of the last refuges from The Radical Left’s woke mob. Does this mean that every old Tito Santana match will have to be deleted, or will they just have to mute out the commentary of every heel announcer?

4/1 – YouTube is like the Soviet Union, and conservatives are Voice of America

I’ve been trying to find all of my favorite YouTubers on other platforms, and the banning of Crowder just reminds me that I need to finish sooner than later

4/2 – Everyone in San Francisco Will Be Cancelled for 15 Minutes

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – the danger of building coalitions based on identity politics is that eventually your allies run out of other people to hate.

Have a great weekend!

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