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Welcome back to Day 38 of The Occupation! What is the latest coming from the Biden* administration and his minders’ disciples? Plenty! Let’s take a look:

2/15 – Man Feasts On KFC Wings In The Middle Of Vegan Protest

With all of the not so good news lately, this brief video clip will warm your heart!

2/18 – Indiana: Valparaiso University Cancels Crusader Nickname and Mascot

Make their new mascot The Taliban. Sadly, The Radical Leftists that have taken over the Democratic Party would actually find this less offensive.

2/19 – No Proof January 6 Was an ‘Armed Insurrection’

Still waiting for Facebook & Twitter to start censoring stories on this topic. Wasn’t there a play based on this – Waiting for Godot?

2/20 – Oh, Here We Go…..

Finally, a Presdient* who will put our unreliable allies’ interests ahead of America – and The Radical Left rejoices!

2/20 – Can we add your name to our thank you card for Senator Mitt Romney?

This was actually the click through from an email I got from the Leftist rag The Nation. Hey Pierre Dilecto, some friendly advice: When The Radical Left is praising you, take the (copulating) hint.

2/20 – NBC blasts EVIL Ron DeSantis for quickly and effectively distributing vaccine to Florida’s elderly … wait WHAT??

If only DeSantis had thrown COVID patients into retirement homes as Gov. Kevorkian did up in NY – he could be getting nightly tongue baths on CNN instead.

2/21 – Joe Biden Ends Trump Program that Targeted Sex Offenders in the US Illegally (Video)

In Biden’s* defense, most elected officials look out for their own first.

2/22 – Le World Turned Upside Down

Yep, we’re now getting called wusses by the French. There is nothing I can add to that.

2/23 – Garland Says Violent Nighttime Portland Courthouse Attacks Not Domestic Terrorism, Not Sure If Illegal Border Crossing Is A Crime

Remember when The Radical Left was telling us that this guy was a sensible moderate who would be perfect on The Supreme Court?

2/24 – Democrats starting to panic over a reckoning at the polls for blue-state bungling of COVID

I still don’t get the panic. Does anyone see a close election ever again not being won by the Dems via a few thousand votes magically appearing at 1:00 AM on Election Night.

2/25 – Your Kids Would Be Better Off Feral Than Going To Schools That Make Them Anti-American Racists

This week’s edition of how one of the positives to come out of COVID is the bright light that’s been shining on the rot in our education system.

2/25 – Of Course: China Forced Joe Biden’s State Department Employees To Undergo Repeated Anal Penetrations

This almost sounds like an allegory for something else happening right now. If only I could put my finger on it…

2/26 – Mandatory Vaccinations Arrive in UK

But on the plus side, it looks like the three swabs per week the children will be forced to endure are not of the anal variety

ICYMI – From my personal archive but never published at Flopping Aces, On Donovan McNabb, Rush was Wrong. It’s not one of the Vichy Republican bash pieces, but rather I like to think that it was a reminder from a fan that even a man who was right 99.8% of the time was still human and .2% not perfect.

Have a great weekend!

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