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Welcome back everybody to Day 31, and our first month under The Occupation! Let’s jump right in:

2/11 –The Duty of the Holocaust Museum

Don’t read this while you’re eating. If this doesn’t disgust you and kill your appetite I don’t know what will.

2/12 – Cambridge University Panel: Winston Churchill A “White Supremacist” Leading Empire “Worse Than The Nazis”

Part of me is genuinely grateful that so few from the generation that liberated the world are still alive to see how we’ve squandered their legacy

2/13 – Oregon Pushes Idea That Math Is Racist

The only part of this is that surprises me is that they’re using a slur that’s out of date. Aren’t the correct terms now “White Nationalist” or “Insurrectionist”?

2/13 – Would you believe me if I told you this was now a pledge in the United States Navy?

I would find that very difficult to believe, Maxwell Smart. Kidding aside, the tweet at the end of this post explains why we should take this garbage seriously.

2/14 – NATO Chief wonders about Solar Powered Battle Tanks

It’s not the suggestion that’s so concerning, but the fact that someone this stupid got promoted so far up the chain of command that should scare everyone in Europe

2/14 – Virginia College Forfeits Basketball Game After Suspending Players For Kneeling During Anthem

This is only one instance and it’s too small a school to get overly excited, but a victory is a victory.

2/15 – The Cons Are Alright

Kurt Schlichter gives a much needed pep talk, along with a brief but thorough look at how the Conseervative movement has evolved over the last few decades

2/15 – Blank slate: How Charlottesville government schools leftist-indoctrinate subject children

If there’s one positive coming from the schools being in lockdown, it’s the bright shining light on the nastiness that has taken over our public school system.

2/16 – Republicans Planning to Target Democrats Over Biden’s Job-Killing Keystone XL Policy

All well & good, but a better question is why aren’t the GOP targeting the Dems’ country killing election fraud policy?

2/17 – Ratings Collapse Leaves Woke NFL DESPERATE For Money! | New TV Deal To Save Salary Cap (Video)

As King Diamond said so well,

And I’ll be the first
To watch your funeral
And I’ll be the last to leave
I’d love to hear you cry

2/18 – Facebook blindsides Australia in bare knuckle struggle over paying for news

If 20 years ago you had told me I’d be rooting for a federal government over an Internet communication platform I’d have said you were crazy. Welcome to 2021!

2/19 – Prager U Video: The End of Women’s Sports?

Here’s one opportunity – why don’t these girls start getting in the faces of the local/statewide/national femenist groups? If they claim to represent women and are remaining silent this damned well deserves an explanation.

And as you might have noticed, no mention of the passing of Rush – I’m going to dig up an old post I’d written on him on my own blog & post it in a few days.

Have a great weekend!

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