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Back in September Joe Biden promised the country that he’d “follow the science.”

Jan. 18

‘Follow the science’ and other principles of Biden’s pandemic response plan

Entering the White House at the height of a global pandemic, President-elect Joe Biden’s administration plans to respond by ramping up and simplifying the vaccination process, tackling equity issues, and, above all, following the science, according to two members of Biden’s COVID-19 task force.

“From vaccines to therapeutics, to diagnostics, to other public health recommendations, everything is going to be informed by the science,” said task force member and infectious disease specialist Céline Gounder during a webcast hosted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on Thursday.

Let’s check on that.

First, the science.

Feb 3, 2021

CDC director says schools can safely reopen without vaccinating teachers

CDC: Schools Should Reopen With Precautions

Teachers don’t have to be vaccinated for schools to reopen safely, CDC director says

Feb 4, 2021

The Biden response? Not so fast…..

The White House claimed Thursday that CDC director Rochelle Walensky spoke “in her personal capacity” when she said that vaccinating teachers was not required for reopening schools.

Walensky said at a Wednesday CDC meeting that vaccinating teachers “is not a prerequisite” for returning to in-person instruction, citing a growing volume of scientific data. In response to a question about Walensky’s statements, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the doctor did not make her statement on behalf of the CDC.

“Dr. Walensky spoke to this in her personal capacity,” Psaki said at the press conference. “Obviously she’s the head of the CDC, but we’re going to wait for final guidance to come out.”

C/NET, Nov 9

Donald Trump ignored the science. Joe Biden must rely on it

The incoming president and his cabinet have a monumental task ahead of them. If the new administration places science at the center of its policies and decision-making process, if it respects US scientists and follows the evidence on climate change; if it relies on fact rather than fiction, then America can take care of its own — all of them.

It’s time to take us to the chorus, Joe.

Who’s really running the show?

Randi Weingarten, President of the Teachers Union

But despite its efforts, the team underestimated how hard it would be to sell the plan to the teachers unions that had largely backed Biden’s presidential campaign — especially without the promise of a vaccine, an adviser involved in the planning said.

“We didn’t think teachers unions would be so reluctant,” the adviser said, adding that Psaki’s statement this week that reopening meant returning kids to class one day a week was far from the team’s original vision.

Chicago teachers simply do not want to go back to teaching. Here the Teachers Union VP lobbies against in person teaching- from Puerto Rico

Like this wasn’t completely predictable.

Joe Biden is full of crap. Not once in the 25 days of his tenure has he done a single thing to benefit American citizens.

Not one.

But then, he’s not in charge. Not really. Everyone who owns him is in charge and that’s a long list.

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