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There is a lot of handwringing, indignation and virtue signaling going on in the MFM right now about yesterday’s events. I don’t condone what happened but I am not at all surprised. This has been building like a pressure dome under a volcano and finally it blew. Yesterday’s event were the eruption of a long simmering Mount St. Helens. No one was paying attention.

– democrats spent four years calling Trump a “traitor” and a “Russian agent”
– They called him “illegitimate
– They said he stole the election
– They said the Russians rigged the election
– They impeached him for Biden’s extortion of Ukraine
– democrats denied the violence of Antifa and BLM
– For nine months that violence has raged
– Nadler said it was a “myth”
– Hoyer denied Antifa was violent
– They said Antifa doesn’t exist
– Antifa raided and burned the Federal building in Portland while people were inside. No democrat even blinked an eye
– Antifa vandalized Federal property in Philadelphia
– During the violence in Minneapolis, Kamala Harris was asking for help bailing out the rioters
– Antifa/BLM burned the nation’s Capitol. democrats weren’t especially bothered.

Remember this from Kenosha?

30 people (at least) have died in that mythical violence, among them David Dorn and Patrick Underwood. ( I know their names. I wrote about them)
– As Minneapolis burned, Ali Velshi kept telling us it was “not unruly”

– Those mythical riots caused between $1-2 billion in damages
– 700 cops were injured
– Ayanna Pressley called for “unrest in the streets”
– democrat governors and the left are destroying the economy with lockdowns that are never going to end

Violence is wrong, you say? Let’s hark back to Chris Cuomo

You might even say yesterday was “mostly peaceful” as democrats described violence for the last nine months.

But according to some, left wing violence is better than other violence:

You still wonder why there was pent up rage? This has been brewing for a long time. Yesterday Capitol cops murdered an unarmed 14 year woman vet because she climbed into a window. Unlike the during the BLM/Antifa riots, no cops were shot. Outside of her murder it’s hard for me to get too exercised about this when no one on the left got exercised about the above. In fact, they asked for violence. Repeatedly.

As Nancy Pelosi said, “People will do what they do.” Nickolas Kristof referred to this as the actions of “Benedict Arnold.” Never short of hyperbole, he, as is typical of virtually all liberals, has absolutely no long term memory.  They have conveniently ignored and forgotten the events of the last nine months. They have inured all of us to violence.

The left spent four years at war with half the country. They spent the last nine months ignoring or defending or asking for  violence. Biden didn’t give hat violence a second thought, although one wonders how many first thoughts he has now.

People are fighting back.

Trump didn’t do this. The left did. They asked for it- specifically.

Hundreds of thousands of people were present in DC yesterday for the rally. 52 were arrested.

You’d have to call that “mostly peaceful.”

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