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Up now at, a petition:

We the People ask the federal government to propose a new administration policy

Enforce Art. 4 against Georgia’s unrepublican rigged-elections by ordering a federal takeover of GA’s runoff elections

  1. Article IV guarantees that each state “shall have a republican form of government.”
  2. Hamilton’s definition of a republic is: “that the people should choose whom they please to govern them.”
  3. Election fraud usurps the will of the people, creating a definitively unrepublican form of gov.
  4. GA election fraud already subverted the 2020 presidential election and threatens in the upcoming runoffs to fraudulently determine control of the U.S. Senate as well.
  5. A president has the inherent power and duty under Article IV to neutralize and expunge any unrepublican form of government that arises.
  6. We demand that President Trump act immediately on his own authority to strip GA’s unrepublican state government of its election power by ordering a federal takeover of the GA runoffs.

Signers’ names and email addresses are not publicly viewable but are treated as confidential, the same as information submitted elsewhere on Privacy policy here.

There is no comment box on the petition but you can submit a comment to here.

The great people of Georgia have had their government stolen from them by massively orchestrated election fraud

The State of Georgia and several other state governments did everything in their power to make their election systems as vulnerable to mass election fraud as possible. They bought voting machines designed for communist dictator Hugo Chavez for the express purpose of stealing elections. Georgia mass mailed over two million easily harvested extra mail-in ballots, reduced verification requirements to practically zero, then kicked out observers so there could be no verification.

That the election-stealing schemes that these states put in place were in fact used to perpetrate mass election fraud is attested to in hundreds of signed affidavits. The will of the legal voters of Georgia has in all likelihood been usurped.

The guarantee clause says that “The United States,” meaning first of all the president, must not let this stand. The good people of Georgia must not have to go forward under a government that stole their election from them or else the republican guarantee has failed to be a guarantee.

Even just a system designed for stealing elections is unrepublican. Such systems are barred by the guarantee clause not just for the danger they present to the people of the unrepublican states but also for the danger that such states create for the nation: that they can steal our national elections, as just happened.

A horrifying neglect

By a quirk of history no arm of government has ever yet taken any action to enforce the guarantee clause, despite it being the Constitution’s most direct, explicit, and powerful protection against the greatest threat that democracy faces: vote fraud and election fraud. In particular, it has been sitting unused while our party of vote fraud, the Democrats, have been systematically building their arsenal of election stealing tools for sixty-plus years.

It is a horrifying neglect. We had all along an all-powerful tool for blocking every inch of this development, a tool that empowers whatever is necessary to prevent unrepublican forms from developing and for expunging them when they do develop, or else the guarantee is not a guarantee.

Now we have reached the precipice. If the party of election fraud succeeds in stealing the presidency all of their election stealing systems will become impossible to remove and we will never have another honest national election. Our republic will be ended. We’ll just be another totalitarian communist state under our radical commie leftist Democratic Party.

They started out as the party of racial slavery so it is easy for them to evolve into communism where everybody is a slave. It might even be inevitable, for people whose only concern is that they be in control.

The guarantee clause has all the power necessary to still prevent this end of republican (honest) democracy in America.

Start with the simplest remedy first

Ordering a federal takeover of the Georgia runoff elections does not require invalidating any already conducted elections. That greatly simplifies the resulting Supreme Court case when Georgia immediately sues.

The only argument Georgia will be able to make is that because the guarantee clause has never been enforced before enforcing it now is somehow invalid. Sorry, it’s right there in Article IV, just waiting to be used, and it needs to be used immediately.

Trump obviously doesn’t know he can do this. Fake AG William Barr never mentioned it to him, so We the People have to tell him.

The states petitioned, now the people petition

Texas v. PA was a petition that states could sign against the rigged-elections in multiple Democrat-run states and almost half the states did sign: a host of flags hoisted across the political battlefield. It is time for We the People to move onto the field as well with our own petition, this time calling for direct presidential action against the criminal assailant that is about to attempt a second stab at the heart of our republic.

If our great fighting president hears us the crime will be interdicted. Georgia’s phony elections will be replaced by model open and honest elections and for the moment Georgia will again be a free state.

The November 3rd steal will still need stopping but there is nothing the republican guarantee can’t do, if President Trump uses it in time.

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