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Welcome back! First off, happy final day of Channukah! Is this really our last post before Christmas? 2020 has been the year that has managed to fly by and take forever at the same time. But this week we open on a more serious note, a call to arms:

You all know I never send the calls for action like the ones that you see in your Inboxes and social media feeds. Why don’t I? Simple – most either have no chance of having any impact, or are over a cause that won’t make any diference, or both. While I’ll admit the odds are long, this is a unique “What can I do as an ordinary citizen to make a difference” times. Calling politicians’ offices is one of the most effective ways to influence them, and this #StopTheSteal link gives the tactics. Personally, I know that any actions we Normals take to save our country are a long shot, but it’s better to go down swinging than to go down looking. And this post delivers – be sure to share:

Contact Congress – #StopTheSteal

12/10 – Will Joe Bidden fight hard against China or is he China’s B*tch? (Censorship mine)

I believe that was meant as a rhetorical question

12/11 – Eric Swalwell’s Chinese Honey Trap

In a sane world, Swalwell’s career would have been over when he called for nuking American citizens. And now a known security threat hasn’t even been thrown off of the Intelligence Committee. Ladies and gentlemen, today’s Democrats!

12/12 – The Wuhan virus reveals a profound values schism in America

And as I’ve pointed out, the day that the Dems next take both the presidency and both houses is officially the beginning of the final days of The United States.

After I placed this story in this week’s roundup, I saw that the post had an update, which was a rebuttal by the author’s son. Read it and take note – this is why I look at Little Bib’s school assignments, and pay attention outside of school to the books, videos, and music he consumes. I used to joke back in the day that when we became parents none of our kids’ efforts to shock us will succeed. Between the 80s sex comedy movies, slasher flicks, and music like The Geto Boys and Slayer, what could they possibly to come up with? Today’s kids: Hold our juice boxes. We got rid of cable years ago, but while on vacation and watching TV in our hotel room came across Steven Universe on Cartoon Network one morning. Short summary: keep your kids, especially your boys, away from this show. Thsi is another one that needs a post of its own.

12/13 – Biden in Leaked Audio: Keep Quiet About ‘Defund the Police’ Until After Georgia Runoffs

Even this senile coot is smart enough to get that you don’t tell Americans how much you hate them until after elections are over.

12/14 – Michigan Electoral Vote features ‘Black National Anthem

Stupid question, but specifically which nation is this anthem for?

12/15 – Abe Lincoln Canceled in San Fran. School Because Being Murdered by a Democrat for Freeing Slaves Doesn’t Show He Cared Enough About Black Lives

This is not a headline from The Babylon Bee, but it is San Francisco.

12/16 – Put all kids on puberty-blockers? Transgender activist challenges conservatives

These are the kind of stories that we need to amplify as much as possible. Since Leftists are too cowed/stupid to ever push back on the LGBQWERTY community (see Washington Post’s defense of “Cuties”), no matter how insane, we need to make this be a hill for them to die on

12/17 – The Democrats’ Real Enemy

This week’s edition of:

12/18 – The New England Journal of Medicine is now fully woke

The people who shriek the loudest that we heretics don’t follow their “science” are the most silent when their priesthood are exposed as frauds

Minor programming note, but by the time you see this the Bob Family will probably be already on a long weekend getaway. We want to get in our travel now, as rumors from the DC People Who Know Things with whom we talk are hearing that Sundown Joe’s handlers are planning on a 6 month lockdown to start off his reign. Take it with a grain of salt, as my little birds aren’t always right. So my point is that I probably won’t be part of the conversation in the comments section this week. And next week’s post won’t be up on it’s usual Friday publishing date given the holiday – if I can’t get it published by late afternoon Christmas Eve I’ll have it up on Saturday morning. Have a great weekend and if I don’t talk to you until the other side of the holiday, Merry Christmas!

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