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12/3 – Jen Psaki: Useful Idiot

Yes, I know that last week I already ripped on the lady who, during her stint working for Obama, David Burge had previously dubbed “Buffy the State Dept. Tri-Delt”, but I need to make my personal confession here. After the Soviet Union fell, I started collecting Soviet memorbelia, mostly war medals. I would wear them on my coat, and when asked why I said simply that the Soviet Union was the 2nd most powerful empire the world had ever seen… and we made them tap out. What better way to celebrate than by wearing the colors of a defeated enemy? For that same reason, this Canadiens fan still enjoys rocking his Nordiques cap, but I digress. I made a point to not wear the medals whenever the US was involved in any military action (such as in Bosnia) lest they be mistaken as support for our troops’ enemies, and when 9/11 hit they got retired permanently. So if you end up seeing any old pics of Brother Bob from the 90s, know that I wasn’t the same useful idiot that Psaki and Kerry still are. But you can make fun of my George Clooney Roman haircut.

12/4 – More Progressive Rationalization

Understanding why rational conversations with Leftists is damned near impossible

12/5 – Vandy’s Sarah Fuller: We’re Probably Going to PC Hell For This One.

I do feel badly for the members of teh Vanderbilt football team who had to put up with this crud.

12/6 – Our Betters Are Better Because, Well, They’re Better

Gulag Barbie is just the gift that keeps on giving. In a sane world she would have been primaried out by Pelosi, but in our Idiocracy in a few years I will be completely unsurprised when she is on the Dems’ presidential debate stage.

12/7 – A personal note about Pearl Harbor day

A story from the other side of the Pacific. And completely unrelated, but today’s Morning Report at Ace had the perfect headline: “79 years later, the names Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania come back to haunt us”

12/8 – AOC, Omar, and Squad Want to Free 500,000 Fat Criminals


12/9 – MI Democrat Removed From Committees, Facing ‘Investigations’ After Making ‘Threats’ Against Trump Supporters

Is a peaceful coexistence dropping out of site? – Part I

Until The Radical Left starts facing consequences for their actions, expect more of this

12/10  – The Time for Talking with the Left is Long, Long Past

Is a peaceful coexistence dropping out of site? – Part II

A bit long, but an important look at how we Normals have to reconsider how we treat Leftists

12/11 – Police Defunding, Like Communism, Can’t Fail

The money quote is how Councilman Jeremiah Ellison (son of Keith Ellison) argued that defunding won’t fail because it’s never been tried. If you’re wondering how to respond to a remark like this, read the 12/10 link,

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