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Another week, seven more days of insanity from our Lefty pals. I’ll do my best to deliver non-election stories given how much the ground is shifting, but I can’t make any promises:

11/26 – Giuliani At PA Election Hearing: “You’ve Sent Out 1.8 Million Ballots And The Number You Counted Is 2.5 Million”

Not an ounce of proof

11/27 – Appeasement, then and now

A tough read, as it suggests that things may be about to get much worse. Be sure to click through to the full story that this post excerpts.

11/28 – Got Food?

As Bernie Sanders would point out, “That’s a good thing!”

11/29 – CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as #COVID-19 Deaths

These are the same people who take grave offense at not unquestioningly accepting everything they say

11/30 – The ‘Not My President’ Crowd Needs To Sit Down And Shut Up

Stupid question, but after four years of The Radical Left telling us how much they hate us Normals, why would they want us to “unite” with them?

12/1 – Sanity at Last: Britain’s High Court Protects Young Children From Transgender Chemical Castration

Some much needed good news

12/2 – Media Rushes to Defend Biden Press Sec. Jen Psaki Over Hammer and Sickle Hat

I hope that our election results are finalized soon so we’ll know if Russia is our sworn enemy of BFF again.

12/3 – Obama Tells Dems Slogans Like ‘Defund the Police’ Don’t Help

I hate to say this, but Obama is absolutely right. Pay attention Democrats: You’re not supposed to be honest about how much you hate the American people and wnat to destroy them. I know that it plays well with The Radical Left, but for some reason we Normals tend to vote against that

12/4 – The late Professor Walter Williams was right about poverty

We lost a great mind this week, and this tribute packs a lot of punch in a short post

December 2020 – Piers and the gospel of gammon

To end on a cheerier note, Tatiana McGrath is a Twitter personality who is a great parody of SJWs. Here she “reviews” the new Piers Morgan book.

Have a great weekend!

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