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Welcome back!


It’s going to take Armies of Davids to push back on The Leviathan.

11/14 – CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Blasted For Comparing Trump Admin to Nazi Kristallnacht

Q: CNN, stupid or evil?

A: Yes

11/15 – Target Removes Book That Hurt Activist’s Feelings From Its Stores

As if we needed another reason to shop at Target. (update – they put it back thanks to pressure from the Normals)

11/15 – Swamp is terrified of Trump’s legal cases. Resorting to Big Dollar ostracism, cancel culture to drive out lawyers

It’s funny – since the day aafter the election I’ve been in the camp of thinking that despite the massive Fraud, Trump’s chances of managing to get enough fraudulent votes thrown out through the courts to be slim. But if Trump had no case why the persistent assault by the media and these attacks on his team?

11/16 – Prepare for the Great Decoupling – Deplatforming moves downstream to and Mailchimp

As someone who’s been a member of The Northern Virginia Tea Party from the beginning, this one hits close to home. And what happened to them and Conservative Treehouse are only the beginning. We need to prepare accordingly.

11/17 – New Normal? These States Want To Micromanage Your “Safe” Thanksgiving Celebration

Laboratories for Tyranny. This is another one that needs its own post when I can get the time.

11/18 – Radical Lives Matter

Long, but a good read regarding the Marxist roots behind the various Leftist protest movements

11/19 – How they Hate Us

The important fact that Leftists take for granted is that we aren’t even close to hating them the way they hate us. Yet.

11/20 – The night they drove old Charlie down

Yes, I’m closing with the least interesting post of the week, but this another one that makes the cut for it’s title. With Thanksgiving coming up we get a post with a reference to the greatest live album ever made? You bet!

7/3 – 25 Things Foregners Admire About Americans

The last two weeks’ posts ended on some pretty negative stuff, so I thought I’d close out with something positive. If this ends up being my last post before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving!

On that note, from the archives, if you have that annoying Lefty at your dinner table I offer Your One Stop Guide to DESTROYING your Democrat relatives at Thanksgiving! It’s aged surprisingly well after four years!

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