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We’ve heard a lot about healing and unity recently. If you thought democrats meant any of that you’d be be sorely mistaken. When democrats speak of healing, they mean nothing. When they speak of unity, they mean you must surrender to their demands or you will be punished.

This weekend Trump supporters took to the streets and rallied in favor of their President. It wasn’t well received by Antifa and BLM Biden supporters who were not going to allow it.

Here a young couple is terrorized

Amusingly, this is how AOL portrayed this one sided violence:

Trump supporters’ protests turn into violent clashes

The writers’ names are ASHRAF KHALIL and KEVIN FREKING and they are contemptibly dishonest.

Freaking dishonest, to coin a phrase.

Not one democrat has disavowed or condemned this behavior. Biden is silent. Harris is silent. This is their America.

One is tempted to call these things animals, but animals behave better than this. This is scum- cheap shot artists who strike and run away, intimidating families and children, terrorizing restaurant patrons. They are emboldened by numbers and are singly cowards. This must make democrats proud.

Not one left wing media outlet accurately reported it. Not one. There is no free and objective press any longer.

They need to be crushed. Utterly destroyed. Unfortunately, that is what it’s going to take. You can bet your life that once Trump supporters strike back it will be reported as them being responsible for the violence.

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