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Welcome back! I’m trying to avoid election stories given how quickly the story has been shifting. Amazingly, there are other stories unrelated to the vote count!

11/6 – The Fake Conservatives Are Selling Out Trump

This is nothing new. It’s just that now the mask has finally completely come off.

11/7 – Michelle Obama insults and condescends to Trump supporters

This is nothing new. It’s just that now the mask has finally completely come off.

11/8 – Cutting the Cable News Cord

It’s been almost a decade since I crunched the numbers. Having cable vs. no cable, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sling during football season (With the NFL out of my life I’m all in on college ball – go ‘Canes!) has saved us @ $1,000 per year. And with all of the free apps and channels out there, there’s no reason to still support cable.

11/9 – ‘Come and Fight Me!’ The Legacy and Tradition of the Marines

A cool tribute written on the eve of the USMC’s birthday

11/10 – He who pays the piper…

I keep asking lefties who demand “free” health care or call it a “right” if they understand that receiving medical attention in a timely manner and having a piece of paper saying someone else will pay your medical bills are two complpetely independent events. Someday I hope to meet one who does.


Voter sanity in California? Who knew?

11/12 – The Left’s Civility Claptrap

Here’s an easy response to any Lefties calling for Unity, Healing, etc. Just tell them that it took time, but they finally convnced you. You’re now ready to join #TheResistance and want to know what you can do to oppose a corrupt president. That should be the last time thet they pester you on the topic. Or anything else.

11/13 – We’d planned to live here our whole life. Thanks to Democrat policies, we’re moving.

As I’ver been saying, now that Democrats are doing to Virginia the same thing I watched them do to New Jersey I wonder how long we have in our home. Initially I hoped we’d stay here until retirement, and that was revised down to hoping we can make it until Little Bob graduates high school. Now I’m working on getting things in order so that if the hammer falls we can head out West relatively quickly. For the record, no I’m not paranoid about getting out just ahead of the mobs of Gulag Barbie-inspired Brown Shirts. But I make a point to consider worst case scenarios so I can think of solutions to make them less scary. There’s a big difference between what I do (and I’m guessing a number of you do as well) and members of the Climastrology death cult. 

On that cheery note, have a great weekend!

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