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Welcome back! Anything interesting happen this week? I’m making a point of generally avoiding election news in this week’s roundup, since you’ve already heard most of the angles anyway.

10/29 – Sorry Guardian, Climate Change Not Behind Jamaican Beach Erosion

Good luck trying to convince Climastrology’s relgious zealots otherwise.

10/30 – Friday Funny: Greta Thunberg’s perfect petroleum-free world

Save this one for reference! Great to present to the aforementioned Climastrologists

10/31 – There Are Days When Commentary Seems Superfluous…

A pretty unhappy look at connecting the dots between four stories

11/1 – If you hate woke education now, wait until Biden is done with it

Elections have consequences. And yes, our public education system can get worse.

11/2 – Celeb-Packed Apartments to Have Armed Guards for Election Day

Apparently #DefundThePolice only applies to protecting the serfs

11/3 – The GOP Is Now The Party Of Working Families Screwed Over By The Left

Technically, GOP policies have always supported working families. The Dems have just started being honest about their contempt for them.

11/4 – Consequences of Decriminalized Shoplifting in California

California might have become a running joke (unless you live there), but it is the blueprint for how the Democrats want to rule America.

11/5 – Colorado Passes Resolution That Awards Electoral Votes to Popular Vote Winner

Yet another argument against legalizing pot. Bold prediction: The next time there’s even a hint of a Republican winning the popular vote this lunacy disappears.

11/6 – Brutal tweets from Venezuelans who’ve seen this stolen-election movie before

To Dems, this is a compliment. We Normals see Venezuela as a a warning, while to them it’s a blueprint.

ICYMI – I weighed in on The MSM’s last minute panic story in The Texan Trump Caravan Lie

I also pointed out that It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins the Election – America Is on Borrowed Time

I also learned this morning that I got thrown in Facebook Jail for 30 days for the first time in however many years I’ve been on it. Hopefully I’ll get out a quick post on it in the next few days.

On these cheerul notes, have a great weekend!

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