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“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
― Joseph Stalin

We are not free. We do not live in a free country. We do not have an independent objective press. As I previously wrote, without a free, objective and independent press there is no freedom. Social media is controlling the information flow. They are censoring Donald Trump’s messages.

Our voting system is rife with fraud.

Votes are magically appearing out of thin air, apparently after democrats have had enough time to fabricate them. With Trump in the lead, 60,000 “new” votes came into existence.

Here’s another one of those “input” errors.

Philadelphia apparently operates outside the US Constitution

Seems Biden wasn’t kidding.

At Red State, Scott Hounsell calls BS

Which is going to lead me to doing something I have been doing way too often lately:  Calling BS.  In every bit of math coming out of these states. In all of the polling data (*when adjusted), it told us Trump was going to win by larger margins among minority voters.  The numbers literally don’t lie.  In North Carolina, Democrats lost 161,000 voters since 2016 while Republicans gained 72,000 voters.  You want us to believe that Republicans, who have registered as such since the Trump era, walked into the voting booth on Election day and pulled the trigger for Biden?  In that state, Trump currently leads by 77,000 votes, in a state Trump won by 173,000 votes in 2016, in a state that Republicans picked up a 230k voter margin since?  I call BS.

In Pennsylvania, Trump has won every county he won in 2016 except for one, while he picked up another county that Clinton won in 2016.   Enthusiasm levels for Biden were lower than they were for Clinton in PA.  Since 2016, in the state where Trump won by 45,000 votes, Democrats have lost 48,000 voters while Republicans have added 150,000 voters, outperformed amongst minorities and had record party support and Democrat cross-over vote and yet, Trump only leads by 110,000 voters?  BS.

In every battleground state, vote counting was “paused” when Trump was in the lead in order for Biden votes to be “found”, i.e. fabricated.

This is how Pelosi and Wolf knew Biden was going to win

AG Bill Barr predicted this in September

But should Biden prevail, I have thoughts on what the GOP should do.

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