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The Matrix was a 1999 movie starring Keanu Reaves. Reaves’ character Neo learns that his life isn’t real. It is a simulation controlled by The Architect.

In The Matrix, the main character, Neo, became exposed to the fact that reality wasn’t what it seemed to be. He learned that the world as he knew it was actually a computer program which his brain only experienced as “real”. Once Neo broke through his mental limitations and confusion, he was able to become free of the computer program and see reality as it really was – a simulation.

Some of us now live in the Matrix.

Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and the left wing press are The Architect.

They are creating their own vision of reality. It’s not real. Freedom and democracy are literally at stake. War has been declared against free speech.  Will Voegeli in City Journal:

On October 14, a New York Post story presented evidence that Hunter Biden had monetized access to his father, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. The exposé, based on the hard drive of a laptop computer alleged to have been owned by the younger Biden, may or may not hold water. It is, however, worth noting that no one has ever explained what else, besides the prospect of a direct connection to the Obama White House, could account for Ukrainian energy firm Burisma’s decision to make then-Vice President Biden’s dysfunctional son a board member and pay him $50,000 a month.

The pixels had barely dried on the Post article before it generated, then became intertwined with, a controversy about the controversy. Within hours of its appearance on the newspaper’s website, two of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, took steps to suppress the story. Facebook announced that, pending an independent assessment of whether the claims were accurate, it had adjusted its operating software to make it more difficult for users to share or discuss the article. Twitter went further, flatly preventing users from sharing the “potentially harmful” story. It also froze the Post’s own Twitter account, which has had no new entries for the past 11 days, as of this writing.

Alan Dershowitz:

“We’re seeing free speech attacked from every corner: From the media, from the social media, from students, from liberals, you name it, we’re seeing it attacked, and it’s really, as you say, on life support,”

“To get membership in the First Amendment club you have to actively support the right of people you strongly hate,” he said. “If you’re a Jew you have to be out there supporting the right of Holocaust deniers to preach their horrible evil in the court of public opinion. If you’re African-American you have to be out there being able to defend the Ku Klux Klan or anybody else’s right of free speech. You have to be willing to support the free speech of your enemies.”

Despite the blatant censorship of conservatives by the Matrix, Sen. Ed Markey says the Matrix must do more to censor dissent.

However, U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts) sees a different side:  he doesn’t think that big tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are doing enough to suppress certain content.

Certain content being conservative content.

A dark future awaits conservatives should the Matrix take control of the government. We would all face a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” Robert Reich:

We need a form of truth and reconciliation commission precisely because our normal institutions have failed. We need to understand how that failure happened, who is responsible, and who should face justice. When a plane falls out of the sky, we don’t just shrug our shoulders and say, “Gravity has consequences.” We send in a team of experts to pick through the wreckage, figure out exactly what went wrong, hold people accountable, and make recommendations for future safety.

We send in experts after disasters not just for vengeance but to make people feel safe again. The “reconciliation” part of a commission is just as important as the “truth” part. We still have to have a society with these Trump people, and that can’t happen until we understand what they’ve done and feel measures have been taken to protect us from them again.

Toward this end, perhaps the main benefit of some kind of commission on accountability is that it would allow the American public to reckon with the abuses and violations committed not just by Trump but also by his many enablers.

The Matrix will allow you to publicly confess your sins and enact the proper punishment- Gold Stars on our shoulders and numbers following a “T” tattooed on our arms. I believe that Reich has brought this up a couple of times before, which would make this the Third Reich effort.

John Kass:

This follows another call for a Truth Commission delivered by an MSNBC host, the lefty Chris Hayes: “The most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people, if we survive this, is some kind of truth and reconciliation commission.”

And after the public show trials, are the guilty humanely offered blindfolds and a last cigarette? A cafe Americano might be nice.

Among Republicans, the outraged hot take on all of this is to bring up George Orwell’s “1984.”

“It’s Orwellian,” they say.

But Orwell’s “1984” was a soulless world ruled by dispassionate intellects. Their terror was numbing and methodical. These Reich/Hayes Truth Commissions are tinged instead with the angry passion of the zealot seeking revenge. It’s rather French. No, not the France of today, but of the French Revolution, of tribunals and trials and the Reign of Terror, the France of the Jacobins.

The Hunter Biden emails have been authenticated. The Matrix wants nothing to do with that. It won’t report it. In fact, NBC has created a ruse to distract from the truth.

One month before a purported leak of files from Hunter Biden’s laptop, a fake “intelligence” document about him went viral on the right-wing internet, asserting an elaborate conspiracy theory involving former Vice President Joe Biden’s son and business in China. The document, a 64-page composition that was later disseminated by close associates of President Donald Trump, appears to be the work of a fake “intelligence firm” called Typhoon Investigations, according to researchers and public documents.

This “document” is supported by no one and has absolutely nothing to do with the Hunter Biden emails or Tony Bobulinski but the Matrix is using this canard to smother the real story and excuse for them not to cover it.

The economy grew 33% in the last quarter. CNN and MSNBC refused to report it.

The Matrix seeks total control of your life

Under Biden the Matrix will rule: it is your duty to the state to forego Thanksgiving and Christmas because “Lives are at stake.”

I hear Colonel Nathan Jessup saying “and my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.

Under The Matrix cancel culture would thrive

Back to William Voegeli

If Facebook and Twitter intended to make the Biden laptop story go away, however, their intervention had the opposite effect. Questions about a political family’s corruption became part of a larger debate about the power of social media platforms. Do the proprietors of our digital public squares censor and curate our discourse there? Are the rules for what can and can’t be said clear and universally applicable, or arbitrary and selectively enforced?

Other media platforms, too, have moved on from disinterested presentation and examination of the facts to explicitly supporting particular political causes. National Public Radio, for example, announced that it would have nothing to do with the Post’s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories,” a managing editor explained, “and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.” (In August, NPR felt that an excellent use of its journalists and listeners’ time was a long, sympathetic interview with Vicky Osterweil, who had written the book In Defense of Looting.) Similarly, Glenn Reynolds devoted one of his weekly USA Today columns to Facebook and Twitter’s efforts to halt the spread of the Post’s story on the Bidens. USA Today spiked the column without explanation; it was available only to readers of Reynolds’s blog.

The Matrix is on the verge of taking control of this country. Nothing will be real other than what The Architect programs. That brings us to the choice of the red pill or the blue pill.

The pills represent a choice we have to make between accepting the truth of reality (red pill), which could be harsh and difficult, and maintaining our blissful ignorance of the world (blue pill), which is way more comfortable. “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

This is a really good metaphor for our choices. The blue pill is the left- The Architect. The red pill is Trump, reality and freedom. Never has a choice been so clear and so very critical. Remember- Schumer promised revenge.  John Kass again:

Why not just make ready the guillotine?


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