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Welcome back! We’re less than two weeks away from our Civil War election, so let’s get to it!

10/16 – Another Jussie Smollett Appears – NFL Honors FAKE VICTIM On Instagram (Video)

It was just over ten years ago that Sister Babe said “yes” to my marriage proposal. If I could go back in time, of course I’d try to offer my younger self advice to help navigate the following decade. The first question I’d ask my older self would probably not be what the biggest change to my life would be, but “What’s going to be the most surprising change a decade from now?”

I’m not sure I’d have believed my future self upon being told that in 2020 I would spend far more time writing about how the NFL can’t stop stepping on it’s own d*** than I’d spend watching Eagles football. And yet here we are.

10/17 – How the Statue of Liberty Got Built

It’s amazing what kids can do when you harness their energy positively, as opposed to using them as human shields to promote Climastrology. Be sure to click through the link in this short post to We the Kids – good resource for any of us with young kids, grandkids, nieces/nephews.

10/17 – Everything is ‘White Supremacist’

I didn’t watch the first debate between President Trump & Quid Pro Joe. The next morning Sister Babe read a few early reviews and said that apparently Trump failed to condemn some White Supremacists. That’s when I cautioned her that the phrases “White Supremacist” and “Russian Asset” are todays version of what the label “racist” was during the Obama presidency. Spoiler: I was right to be skeptical.

10/18 – Is this another reason the FBI hid the Hunter Biden Laptop?

Yep, I’m finally mentioning this story in TWIRL. The reason I’ve avoided it up to this point is that it’s been so heavy in the news is that there weren’t any angles I could offer that you hadn’t already heard. This post from Selwyn Duke at The American Thinker is one you may have already heard (why did the FBI sit on this info they’ve had for months?), but adds a disturbing potential motive.

10/19 – MIT: Twitter Ban ‘Nearly Doubled’ The Visibility Of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

This is a perfect example of The Streisand Effect. I thought that if the media had simply ignored the story, yet another story of corruption from Quid Pro Joe & Hoover would have gotten little notice from the public. Twitter & Facebook inadvertedly accocplished what a respectable media should have done.

10/20 – SHOCK: Facebook Declares War on the Babylon Bee

The Bee should fart in Zuckerberg’s general direction.

10/20 – A Democrat and a Liar

But I repeat myself. You know how badly Governor Wilhelm has screwed up Michigan that Biden needs ads like this in a once reliable blue state.

10/21 – On Jeffrey Toobin and the Hypocritical Master Baiters of the Left-Wing Media

I swore I wasn’t going to post on this idiotic topic, but this story makes the cut just for its title

10/22 – The Vilification of Conservative Women

Just like with nonwhites and LGBQWERTY, 150 years later Democrats reserve a particular hatred for anyone who dares escape their plantations

10/23 – Trump’s Unedited Interview With Leslie Stahl of ’60 Minutes’

Troll level = Genius. Now instead of teh Monday morning headlines being dominated by whatever out of context quotes CBS decides to air, the story will be about CBS’ efforts to smear the president.

ICYMI – I jumped into the realm of Buzzfeed-worthy clickbait headlines with The ONE SIMPLE TRICK that Will GUARANTEE a Trump Victory in November!  But if you read my post you’ve got to admit that my proposal isn’t completely crazy. Not for our side, anyway.

I also recently re-watched that cinematic classic, The Cannonball Run, and wrote about how The Cannonball Run Shows how much we’ve Lost as Americans

Have a great weekend!

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