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While there were numerous lies told by Biden last night a few really stuck out.

Biden said he never said he opposed fracking. He absolutely did.

He won’t end fossil fuels. He’ll “transition” from them instead.

Biden says that we have to transition to green energy. Right now, California has rolling blackouts because wind and solar are not supplying enough power. They are unreliable.  Biden would make rolling blackouts a nationwide policy instead of just in California.

This one really stands out. Biden claimed no one lost their insurance under obamacare. That’s as big a lie as I’ve heard in a long time.

At least ten million lost their plans. As an employer, I did. My deductible more than doubled and my premiums tripled.

Biden claimed Hunter did not profit from China

Hunter made lots of money from China.

As the debate went on, Biden apparently had somewhere else to be and checked his watch. I remember when this action helped end Bush 41’s tenure.

Sean Davis sums up Biden’s plans.



It was an interesting night. The best debate by far.

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