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Projection psychology definition

Projection is a psychological defense mechanism in which individuals attribute characteristics they find unacceptable in themselves to another person. For example, a husband who has a hostile nature might attribute this hostility to his wife and say she has an anger management problem. In some cases projection can result in false accusations.

democrats have mastered projection. Back in 2016 hillary clinton, along with the the obama campaign and the DNC, paid for disinformation from a Russian spy and then worked with the FBI and CIA to smear Trump with it.

She colluded with a Russian spy.

Today history repeats.

You also might remember that Donald Trump was impeached back in February. During a burgeoning pandemic democrats were obsessed with impeachment. Trump was impeached over a phone call with the President of Ukraine. He was asking about Biden’s corruption regarding Ukraine.

Now we know why Trump was impeached. It’s because Biden was guilty.

Biden is without any doubt guilty. We see this in a number of ways.

The computer in question is Hunter Biden’s computer. Adam Housley, who has been all over this, says the emails are solid. He offers sourcing that Hunter’s lawyer tried to retrieve the computer.

He has all the goods

The owner of the computer shop is under attack from the left

The blame for the delay in all this lies with the FBI and apparently some Republican staffers. Rudi has been talking about this for a long time. The FBI has had the hard drive for nearly a year and has sat on it.

1/6 ok here we go: you guys know my affinity for FBI field agents and the work they do every min of every day. You also know the frustration that exists with many of those agents and many of you with FBI headquarters…now this.

2/6 This is no October surprise…this actually falls flatly on the back of the FBI that failed to address this beginning more than one year ago and came out now also due to a series of keystone cop decisions by Republican staffers to flat ignore this family for months.

3/6 I am a reporter and I now have direct knowledge of the timeline and other info. Throughout this entire process JP and his family…dad is a Vietnam Vet…have done everything by the book. They were first rebuffed in September 2019 by the FBI…that’s no October surprise.

4/6 They made multiple approaches to the FBI in 2019 because JO was concerned about what he saw when he recovered the the info from hard drives as requested. It is completely normal to see stuff during this process.

5/6 JP finally met with agents Joshua Williams and Mike Dzielak in late November of 2019…so it took the FBI 2 full months to finally meet up with him. JP offered to give the agents all the material…everything without any compensation or requests.

6/6 So my questions for the FBI. Why did FBI obtain subpoena for the hard drive when JP freely offered it to them two different times? Was it part of a grand jury process? More importantly, why didn’t this get divulged during the impeachment process? These are fair questions

You should care about these questions and demand answers no matter where you stand politically. We deserve all truths.

From Tucker

Now the FBI off once again hunting some make imaginary Russians.

The shop called the FBI about the computer. They ignored him.

He finally called Rudi. Rudi called the FBI. They ignored him.

This is REAL. It’s all real.

Biden calling it a smear won’t make it go away. Listen to the non-denials. Listen to what isn’t being said. The media will continue to push the smear angle but will finally have to cave to the truth.

Joe Biden used his position as VP to enrich himself and his family. Now we know where all that income came from.

Donald Trump was impeached for noticing.

The same media that ran mindlessly touting the Russian collusion hoax finding every smallest piece of drivel to justify it now puts the same enthusiasm into smothering the Biden corruption story.

That is a disgrace.

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