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As you probably know, the next round of COVID relief has been blocked by Senate democrats.

Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a coronavirus stimulus bill that included funds for people left unemployed by the pandemic.

In a party-line vote, Democrats withheld the 60 votes needed to consider the bill, continuing months-long gridlock ahead of Election Day. Republican leaders said the bill included widely supported bipartisan ideas, but Democrats argued it didn’t do enough.

Some talks were renewed between the White House and Congress but Nancy Pelosi’s insistence on loading it up with garbage caused Trump to walk away.  Among other things, she demanded cashless bail, mass prison release, nationwide voter-ID ban and stimulus checks to illegals.

Trump told her to stuff it and cut off discussions until after the election. But then he did something brilliant.

But he also said he’d sign a clean bill for airline relief.

Pelosi said no.

This didn’t sit well with a number of democrats, Wolf Blitzer among them- believe it or not. He confronted her and the exchange was a thing of beauty

I’ve only watched these about 25 times. Did you know CNN was pro-Trump?

Trump has made clear his concern for Americans and Pelosi has made clear her disdain for Americans. But when you lose CNN…




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