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Welcome back, everyone. Another week, more crazy, and props to everyone who gets teh reference in the featured image:


Yes, that date is correct. The only thing that this piece gets wrong about what The Radical Left is doing to America is the timeline.

8/28 – New Report: Australians pay $1,300 in hidden climate bills each year

Another great case of The Radical Left levying taxes that disproportionally hurt the poor. Or, as the MSM likes to put it, “Women and minorities hardest hit” #Biden2020

8/29 – The “racism” of climate change alarmists

As I was saying…

8/30 – How Politicians Work:

This is old, and the first time I saw it was an explanation of how office policy is formed. It aged well and is quite applicable

8/30 – Oakland Black Lives Matter Group Roam Through City Chanting “Death To America!!!”

I guess that they at least get points for honesty? #Biden2020

8/31 – CA Poised To Force High Schools To Offer Curriculum Including The ‘Four I’s Of Oppression’

They probably think that the second “R” of The Three Rs is literally “Ritin”.

9/1 – WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Admits ‘Incredible’ Trump Landslide Will Be Flipped By Mail-In Votes Emerging A Week After Election Day

My bold prediction: The Dems use ballot harvesting and launch a loud but ultimately unsuccessful effort to overturn the presidential election, while quitely pushing to use ballot harvesting to flip the Senate to secure the Impeachment vote

9/2 – Speaker ‘Marie Antoinette’ Pelosi reminds us lockdowns are for the little people

Mayor in Chicago allowed to get her haircut and secure only her home with the police, unmasked mayors out in public in NY & Philly, Governor of CA shutting down eateries while the winery he founded can host parties… Ladies and gentlemen, this is probably the best way to illustrate to children of all ages how Socialism works in prctice

9/3 – Why Trump Doesn’t Just ‘Send In the Troops’

Kurt Schlichter usually is a great source of snark and laughing at Leftist idiocy. This is not one of those times, but a very practical explanation to support the headline.

9/4 – Rich White Leftists Encourage Black People to Loot Their Neighborhoods

Yet another glaring hole in Leftist logic.

On a side programming note, I’m following Dave Rubin’s example and am going to take a month off the news grid. I’m not feeling any stress, but I realized that I haven’t done anything like this aside from a few week long vacations where I’d ignore current events in forever and a day. We’ll see if it does me good, but regardless I’ll be back a month before the election. You’ll see me drop a few “politically adjacent” thought piece blog posts I’ve been wanting to write for a while, and like with these TWIRL posts I’ll join the conversation for a day or two with anyone kind enough to comment on my posts. Aside from that, over the weekend my Brother Bob Facebook and Twitter feeds will go quiet for the next month. And while I won’t reading or posting anything political, if you’re on MeWe I’ll still be dropping the random music video on the Oldies but Goodies page.

Enjoy your long weekend & be excellent to each other – see you in a few weeks.

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